Thursday, June 04, 2009


One the godfathers of film bloggery, Greg @ Cinema Styles, recently posted a list of what he's learned from his personal love of film and from his like-minded cinema obsessed cyber-buddies who don't necessarily agree on things most of the time (that's one way we learn, right?).

Greg tagged me, and here's my list:

1. There is too much unpaid talent out there. Too many witty, wise, intelligent, and original voices that go unheard for a lot of reasons that can be discussed later (or in the comment section).

2. Film bloggers are much more civil than political bloggers (and in many cases, much more knowledgeable about politics).

3. I, Fox, have a huge blind spot when it comes to sci-fi films.

4. When you compose a post that you perceive to be absolutely brilliant, be prepared for nobody to care.

5. When you fart out a post that you perceive to be filler, be prepared for a comment tsunami.

6. Gay film bloggers really like Sigourney Weaver.

7. Straight "female" film bloggers really like classy looking actors.

8. Straight "male" film bloggers really like actors with boobs.

9. I don't know any lesbian bloggers (I don't think...).

10. A scanner would be a good thing to invest in.

11. HTML for Dummies might be a good book to invest in.

12. Despite his decline in judgment, Roger Ebert is almost universally loved and/or respected by film bloggers.

13. Angry anonymous commenters are pussies.

14. The best resources for pre-1970's horror are film bloggers.

15. Karl Malden has a lot of fans that he's probably unaware of.

16. Professional football is much more popular with film bloggers than I would have suspected.

17. Jeffrey Wells is an idiot.

18. Comedy has a fresh outlet in photoshopping.

19. Strong cases for the under appreciated acting talents of John Wayne.

20. Every blogger I know well (see sidebar links) - and some that I don't - has introduced me to a film, director, genre, or book that I was previously unaware of. Spreading appreciation around... it's a good thing.


FilmDr said...

An enjoyable list. The film blogosphere does create a nicely competitive forum where all "unpaid talent" can at least try to be heard.

I've noticed 4 and 5 too. One never knows how people will react to any post.

Also, you make a good point with 20. Even with its many aggravations, film blogging can be enormously instructive, and humbling too.

Marilyn said...

Number 4 - Oh yes, I've been there. I've even been peevish enough to complain about it.

I had a few axes to grind, so my list was more serious. I wish I'd have lightened up a bit like you have. Brilliant!

bill r. said...

I was just thinking about #4, too, because I had reason to look at an older post that I was really proud of (and still am), but which didn't get much action. Then again, the movie in question is kind of hard to see, so maybe that had something to do with it.

I also need a scanner. And I like boobs and also asses.

Fox said...

Hey guys-

# 4 can be a blessing too. Comments are great, but as either Greg or Bill mentioned on their lists, one of the great benefits of writing a post is the thinking through it (the movie) that you do for yourself.

Oftentimes I don't do my deepest thinking on a film until I'm actually writing on it. So, no matter if the post resonates, it still added to my own learning.

I also meant to add to the list the frustrated feeling I get when I can't get to everyone's blogs for a visit and read. This is mainly due to an increase in work demands, but it still kind of stresses me out when I feel I am behind on my blogger reading list.

P.S. Marilyn. I'm going to check your list out now. I like when you grind axes.

Fox said...

Oh, and Bill... speaking of "asses", have you seen Powder Blue yet?

bill r. said...

Fox - No I have not. To be honest, the lure of that movie -- and I do feel more than a bit lured -- may not be able to overcome the fact that it's probably truly awful, and so I don't know if I'll end up seeing it or not.

Anonymous said...

13. Angry anonymous commenters are pussies

Well Fuck you!

Fox said...


Pat said...

Fox -

Very good list - many of these hit home with me.

It's been a crazy week here,but I'm hoping to get my own list up tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Joseph B. said...

Where's the love for us bloggers who vehemently prefer baseball over football? :)

Fox said...


Oh, I love baseball too. More than football actually, it's just that, I guess I expect baseball fans to be in the film blog world. Both are detail obsessive nerds.

Plus... I'm not talking about baseball much these days b/c my team sucks.

Rick Olson said...

I don't know any lesbian bloggers (I don't think...) ...

I do, but I'm not saying who.

And what's with all the "males" and "females?" Don't you trust the stated sex of your fellow "cinephiles?"

Oh, the cynicsim of it all ...

Greg said...

Jesus, Fox why didn't you knock me on the head or something? I completely missed this and I swear I don't know how. I kept checking wondering, "When is Fox going to do this?" and you did it last week? What the... Seriously, I DO NOT KNOW how I missed this. Anyway, I feel really bad now for being so late. I saw the TYSON post and then the Richard Gere post and... Anyway, it's no excuse but I have had to refresh several sites lately that I didn't have to until just recently so TYSON kept showing as your most recent post on my PC.

Anyway - Great list. Thanks so much for taking part Fox, I appreciate it. Really.

Fox said...


No sweat... but could you tell me what Rick is talking about?? I'm kinda confused.

Greg said...

I don't know. I think he's becoming addled in his old age.

Fletch said...

If the angry anonymous commenters are straight "males," does that mean that they're pussies that like boobs? Because if so, maybe you do know some lesbian bloggers. :D

Nice fun list, Fox. Of course 4/5 resonate the most with me, too. Learning be damned - that's frustrating.

Reel Whore said...

Great list. I'm with Fletch on 4/5. I beat my brains out to deliver comedic gold an get no response, but I throw out something I slapped together while standing at the urinal and I get comments for weeks!

Anonymous said...

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