Sunday, June 14, 2009


[NOTE: This is where the blogger gives himself a strict 10 minutes to rattle off whatever about a movie he just saw that he doesn't feel deserves a thoughtful edited review but still feeds the need to feed the animals anyway. Quality is of no concern.]


My friend said "it wasn't as terrible as I thought." My wife said "it was worst than I expected. Land of the Lost sucked.". I agree with my friend on this one. And yes, wife, I did nod off a few times and probably snored, but I promise I didn't miss too much. Maybe a battle scene of some kind. Danny McBride is enough to give this film 2 stars, I think. Will Ferrell needs to be careful of whom he chooses to do movies with because his co-anchors end up making him look lesser. McBride outshines Ferrell. It's not even close. Then again, McBride usually steals the screen whenever he's on it. The only time I can think that he was humbled by anotehr actor was when Nick Nolte shared time with him in Tropic Thunder. I thought about the little guy from The Lonely Island and Hot Rod, Jorma Taccone, being all dressed up in that caveman costumer as Chaka. It had to have been incredibly uncomfortable and hot and sweaty with that make-up and hair suit. And I heard a guy on local radio bemoaning the fact that Land of the Lost - the movie - was too crude and disrepectful of the original. I don't know b/c I never watched the original. And, really, who cares. I mean, didn't Sid and Marty Croft used to sneak in pro-Timothy Leary messages into their shows back in the day anyways??? Is it really a big deal if the little monkey man squeezes boobs during the movie version of LOL? That's what cavemen do afterall. I mean, it's males at the basest levels, so what's the deal? I do wonder how groping can give you a PG-13 movie while cussing can move your film to an R. Very Odd. Running out of thoughts. Probably reflective of the ,movie. But really, it's not THAT bad. It's like a kids movie that tried to mix in your typical kid-friendly fart joke but went a little too far with boob talk and orgasm talk and vibrator talk. Guess that's too far, yeah. I don't blame parents for being miffed, but critics? What did they want exactly? Something honest? Something real? Will Ferrell's body is also still very weird looking when he takes his shirt off. I thought maybe he'd started working out since he got super famous, but no. That's ok.


Brian Satterwhite said...

It's dumb as hell but I laughed...a lot. My sides were hurting after the movie was over. So I guess I liked it. What more can you ask for in a comedy?

Rick Olson said...

I really like this, Fox: it's kind of like the moods I get into writing sermons. You just get into kind of a rhythmic roll, and go with the flow.

Very entertaining. Nice piece.

Fox said...


I laughed quite a bit too... especially at McBride. I think critics are being way too hard on this film. Like you said, it's dumb fun.


If you write sermons like this, then I wanna joing your congregation!!

Rick Olson said...

No, I usually clean them up a bit.