Monday, June 01, 2009


My favorite marketing move, of late, by DVD distributors is to put "From the guys who brought you ______ ______ " on the box cover.

It's a shady tactic, but clever. I don't know how many people actually fall for it, but it's bound to have pushed enough product thus far because straight-to-DVD labels are really stretching out its prospects now.

Check out this beauty:

If you can't make out the blurb at the top of the poster (I like that it's above the title of the actual film), it says "From A Producer of The Devil's Rejects". That's right: "A" producer, meaning one, meaning of the twelve producers that worked on The Devil's Rejects, one of them also worked on Razortooth (which has seven producers itself).

Hell... I see opportunity here. A precedent has been set!:

"From a script girl who worked on The Notebook..."

"From the second assistant cameraman of The Firm..."

"From an actor* in The Bad News Bears**..."

(*extra in the bleachers)
(**the 2005 version)

So, if there is anybody out there who worked on The Dark Knight - in any capacity whatsoever! - please contact me so we can record something, anything, put your "name" on a poster, and sell some plastic cases on consignment in big retail stores. I bet we can at least break even.



This might be my new favorite movie title (I can't believe it took somebody this long...):


Pat said...

I didn't work on "The Dark Knight" in any capacity, but I was an unpaid extra in the bleachers in "Breaking Away" years and years ago. Think we can sell anything with that credit?

Moviezzz said...

Are you just going to let the "From The Creators Of" line in the second poster go without comment?

Fox said...


Not sure how much money-power Breaking Away has anymore, but that is definitely awesome that you were in it and it's definitely worth a shot.

Plus, maybe we could stretch your work on Breaking Away into a connection with Watchmen since Jackie Earle Haley is in both. Getting "Watchmen" on our DVD box would surely move product!


Good eyes and good call. I totally missed that.

However, having "From the creators of Monsturd" on a DVD box might turn people away. I've never seen Monsturd, I'm just sayin'...

Marilyn said...

From the woman who lives in the town where The Dark Knight was filmed and was rerouted around a scene shoot on her way home

Fox said...


Is that true? Shame on him.

So much is made of Batman's heroism, but somebody needs to do an expose on the inconveniences he puts on people (such as traffic detours) and if those inconveniences out weigh the good he does.

Marilyn said...

I've thought that about superheroes for years. Thank you, Fox, for having the courage to say it out loud!

bill r. said...

You know, there was a big Marvel mini-series a couple of years ago called Civil War the plot of which centered around the damage superheroes do while engaged in acts of superheroism. Some bystanders are killed in a super-battle, or something, which leads to the notion of superheroes registering with the government. I haven't read it, and I'd try to summon Ed, except I think Civil War is more mainstream than his tastes generally run, plus I think the consensus from those who did read it was that it wasn't very good...but, well, there it is.

Fox said...


Isn't that kind of the gist of Watchmen as well? I've only seen the movie, but there was that distrust of superheroes element in there. I imagine the book probably details that a bit more. Yes?

bill r. said...

In Watchmen, heroes were just outlawed, right? Anyone, like Rorhshach, who fought crime as a costumed hero was, in the modern-day storyline, committing a crime.

My understanding of Civil War is that in order to make superhero battles (or whatever) safer, all heroes have to register with the government and follow some set of guidelines. This doesn't sit well with, oh, roughly half of the Marvel Universe, so they all fight the group that does agree with it. It's like they're having a civil war, or something.

Krauthammer said...

And that's when I stopped reading comics.

Fahrenheit 16:9 said...

Monsturd was a lot of fun, imagine Super Troopers crossed with Jack Frost(serial killer one), except instead of snow it's poop.

It's at least a worthy rental.

Reel Whore said...

RetarDead! I must add this to my NFQ. With a title so inspired, it's deserving of a watch.

All these "From A..." endorsements are getting overboard. Most ppl don't tkae the time to look into the fact that this producer was one of twelve or the director's grandma or whatever.

Dan West said...

FYI, Netflix has Monsturd but not RetarDEAD (yet) idea if our distributor is planning to get the new one on Netflix.

D. West (Monsturd, RetarDEAD)

Dan West said...

FYI, Netflix has Monsturd but not RetarDEAD (yet) idea if our distributor is planning to get the new one on Netflix.

D. West (Monsturd, RetarDEAD)

Dan West said...

FYI, Netflix has Monsturd but not RetarDEAD (yet) idea if our distributor is planning to get the new one on Netflix.

D. West (Monsturd, RetarDEAD)

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