Thursday, April 23, 2009



If you want to manage a self-sustaining garden, twist in those curly light-bulbs, and ride your bike to work, more power to you, but do we really need another green super-hero a la No Impact Man? (What happened to Captain Planet, or Smokey the Bear, even?).

First of all, this dude better watch his back for trying to take the "saving the world" mantle away from Al Gore. The former VP verbalizes like a pussy, but he's a pretty large thang. Anyway... what I'd really like to know is how "no impact" our new hero truly is if he's gonna have his movie playing in theaters that will be pumping electricity through air conditioners, projectors, light bulbs, etc.

You may be saying, "lighten up, asshole... what have you ever done to save the world?!?!?". Well, I do write TRACTOR FACTS, but that's a fair point on your part nonetheless. Thing is, No Impact Man boasts about his no-electricity-livin' on the poster, and yet, he has... a blog???

Ohhhh, No Impact Man (sigh)... what a complicated contradiction you are. For, you also say - on your poster - that you "stopped making garbage", yet from the brief clips below I think you may have made a big pile of one with your upcoming documentary:


Rick Olson said...

You know, Fox, most of us wait till we've SEEN a film until we pan it.

So ... blogs aren't green?

Rick Olson said...

And by the way: I clicked on the picture but it didn't enlarge. I WANT it enlarged.

Reminds me of Al Gore's thang.

Fox said...

Hey... I said "may". I didn't commit 100% to it's garbage status, but I've seen enough of these documentaries to play the percentages, and I feel even more comfortable with something that look like this.

Still... I said "may".

Plus, I was mainly trying to pan the man, not so much the movie.

Are blogs green? Sure. But you can't blog if you say you're going electricty free, can you?

Marilyn said...

Why is it that at work I feel like No Impact Woman? I think I need a dose of Bill's motivational speaking.

Reel Whore said...

Trashing a film before it's release is perfectly fine, that's like your opinion, man. (Plus, I do it once a month.)

I'm sure my wife will want to see this, but I agree. If he were really green this'd be distributed for free via his blog and not in a theater, or at the least some profits be sent to a green cause. I guess they can do the whole carbon-offset thing, but the equality of that has been called into question. Sorry, can you hear the eco-friend tinge coming out in my comment?

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