Friday, March 13, 2009


Well... not according to that cute, silly little fella to the right of the sack grabber:

But whatever gripping technique our red sweatered friend used on Jackman (I'm guessing it was "the Tokyo drift"... a personal favorite of mine), it must've worked, because - as you'll see below - Hugh totally jizzed in his pants:

And how about our red-sweatered friend?? Talk about your bold pick-up move.


RSF: Hey. Hello mister X-Man Hollywood man. I want please to make you jizz hard and good.

HJ: G'Day young Hiroki. Whoa... AHHHuhhhaHHHuhhh ohh... CRICKEEEEEEEEEEEY!!

RSF: You date me now three years.

HJ: Ok. Hey... do you like boomerangs and Peter Weir?


Man, man, man... I freakin' love the Japanese. They're pretty much my favorite type of people ever.


Rick Olson said...

Another sensitive, meaningful post, Fox. How do you keep churning them out?

Fox said...


I look in the mirror, shed some tears, and then sprint for the laptop.

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