Wednesday, March 04, 2009


*As witnessed in the 1978 Brian De Palma film The Fury


Amy Irving was so adorable!


FilmDr said...

I remember Pauline Kael raving about this film. Now I must see it.

bill r. said...

Amy Irving WAS adorable! She could have made me explode into a bloody paste, my head bouncing all around the room, any time she wanted! If you know what I mean!

Fox said...


Please do! Since it came out right after Carrie, a lot of people dismissed it as capitalizing on that former hit. (Kinda like Van Sant with Finding Forrester.)


The funny thing is that Irving totally gives an orgasm face right before Cassavetes "blows".

It's interesting to watch that sequence in slo-mo b/c there IS a lot of red paste and powder... much more than just regular splatter goop. Some critics say the end is another DePalma nod to Antonioni in the way it resembles the ending to Zabriskie Point, and I think the powder-y effect supports that as it gives him a more "demolition" like explosion.

Marilyn said...

That was Amy Irving? I didn't recognize her.

I have to see this movie. I love when people's eyes turn completely blue.

Fox said...


Knowing your feelings on DePalma (he ones expressed here previously...) I'd be curious to hear what you think about The Fury.

p.s. I have blue eyes.

Marilyn said...

Are they totally blue, like blue aggies?

Fox said...

I wish! Then i could blow people up!

I had to look up "blue aggies" were. They look like bluebonnets, but more horizonatal.

Marilyn said...

I meant agate marbles, Foxy.

Fox said...

Thanks for making me look dumb, Marilyn. :(

But if I ever lose an eye, I know what I am gonna get a replacement shaped out of!

PIPER said...

Irving was so hot in this film and I always had a crush on her growing up. And then I met her and it all melted away.

This movie has not held up well for me. I love pieces of it, but don't care for the movie as a whole.

But why so many explosions? Why so many angles? It's DePalma alright. It's just the part of him I don't like.