Thursday, January 15, 2009


I like Will Smith, but I can't stand his coattail clinging wife.

"The thing about a love scene is that it's so awkward. I was talking to Jada and I was like, 'You know what it's like, to take an opportunity for legal cheating, that's kinda how people think about it'. And Jada was like, 'Listen, don't embarrass me, whatever you give Rosario, that's what people are going to think you give me. So you better go out there and represent!' "

Eww. That is some open-toe sandal skank-ass sh*t right there!

Smith also said that because he gets so involved in his characters, this has an impact on his real life - and it usually means his sex drive goes up, he admitted to Philip Schofield and Fern Britton on ITV1's This Morning.

Well dang, he must have really been peaking after he did I Am Legend, because co-star Alice Braga is one of the hottest women in the world:

BTW, for those who haven't seen Smith's new film Seven Pounds, it's about a cursed man that can only thrust seven times during intercourse before pre-maturely climaxing.


Jason Bellamy said...

BTW, for those who haven't seen Smith's new film Seven Pounds, it's about a cursed man that can only thrust seven times during intercourse before pre-maturely climaxing.

Nice! Todd Solondz should have directed.

As for the rest, perhaps the sex drive goes up thing really means: "When I'm on a movie set with a hot chick every day, Jada wears me out each night. Believe me, I'm TEMPTED by these other women, but I've got nuthin' left to give."

Fox said...

Nice! Todd Solondz should have directed.

HA! I still think "I came..." may be one of the most uncomfortable lines to close a movie in history of the world.

I see Jada as a little yapping dog. I feel bad for Will. He probably wants to divorce her, but she seems to have a little Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez craziness in those eyes, so I don't blame him for sticking around.

Pat said...


I know celebrities need a lot of attention focused on themselves, but, really why do they need to share this stuff?

Your synopsis of "Seven Pounds" sounds way better than the real thing.

Fox said...

Your synopsis of "Seven Pounds" sounds way better than the real thing.


I think so too. Though I admittedly haven't seen Seven Pounds, I think my version would be much more socially relevant.

debbie said...

Do you remember that uber-conservative radio talk show host that came on before O'Reilly? Not Savage, not Hannity. God. Can't remember his name. (Karen said he was a plant by the liberal media, ha ha).

Anyways, I remember him saying that Will & Jada have an "open relationship," and that's the key to their success!!! But, I've never heard anything else about that.

Fox said...

Mike Gallagher! Yes, I remember Karen's theories on him. I wish she would collect all of her rants and compile them onto a blog somewhere.

And on open relationships... I just watched Season 2 of Dawson's Creek, and Dawson's parents kept talking about an "open marriage" as the solution to their marital problems.

I'll never get this. I mean as readers of Tractor Facts know, I'm a very sexually liberated creature, but if my spouse and I were to bring in a 3rd, 4th, 5th person I would probably die of shame the next morning. It's way outside of what I could emotionally handle, and I struggle to understand how anyone could.

Monogamy may be unnatural, but I like to think that an orgiastic lifestyle is something we left behind as we evolved.

Krauthammer said...

I had never heard the word "orgiastic" before so I looked it up, and I'm going to try to fit it into ever possible conversation ever.

Fox said...

You learn something everyday at TRACTOR FACTS!

It's a good word. And please, if you will, let us know when (and how!) you fit it into a conversation today!! :)

Some typical places where the word could apply: buffets, flea markets, wherever Robert Pattinson is at any moment, sports arenas, concerts, inaugurations on Jan. 20th 2008.

PIPER said...

To me, Will Smith is an ugly product of the Hollywood machine. He got chewed up and look what he's become. A sassy black man that talks like every white person thinks he should talk and any time he attempts a serious role it comes off schmaltzy.

He showed such promise in Six Degrees and it has been downhill ever since. Personally, I blame Barry Sonnenfeld.

Rick Olson said...

yeah, it's undoubtedly Barry Sonnenfeld's fault. It couldn't be Smiths ...

And just for Krauthammer: orgiastic, orgiastic, orgiastic.

Fox said...


I agree with ya that his output hasn't been very exciting, I just like him, I guess. I mean, yeah, he can be annoying Hollywood like many of them can, but...

I think Barry Sonnenfelds career makes a good case study for the difference between a cinematographer (where he was awesome... turning a silly teen movie like Three O' Clock High into a visual clinic) and a director (where he seems like a comletely different man).

Fox said...


I thought you were gonna blame Tom Cruise.

PIPER said...


I have to blame Sonnenfeld or I will lose my Presidency of the Greater Midwest Will Smith Fan Club. Or as I like to call it GMWSFC. It sounds a lot better than it spells.


I like the Fresh Prince. I'm just disappointed that he's not taking more risks. He's certainly got the capital to.

Fox said...


I saw "GMWSFC" pop up in the personals ads the other day and was confused. Now I know what it means!!!

gil mann said...

Dude, really? That's the least annoying thing I've ever seen attributed to Jada Smith. It actually makes me think well of them, and believe me, I'm not charitably disposed to those two ever since I found out they named their kids "Willow" and "Jaden."

Okay, never mind. Now I'm pissed off about the kids' names all over again. As you were.

Fletch said...

"Your synopsis of "Seven Pounds" sounds way better than the real thing."

That's because it was...

Nice going, Foxy.

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