Monday, December 08, 2008


When Benecio Del Toro arrived in Miami to preview his Che film, he was greeted with protesters...

"That's part of what makes America," Del Toro said of the protest. "You get to say what you think. I find it a little weird that they were protesting without having seen the film, but that's another matter." (H-Wood Reporter)

Uh, I don't really think they were necessarily protesting the film itself, Benny.

No worry... a few days later Che played at the Karl Marx theater in Cuba where Del Toro was treated very lovingly, I presume.


Rick Olson said...

Come on, Fox: you know what he means. They were protesting treating somebody they hate -- Che Guevara -- in a good light, even before they'd seen the movie to know whether or not that was indeed the case. It was a knee-jerk response, tantamount to Christian fundies protesting "The Last Temptation of Christ" while it was still in pre-production.

If they weren't protesting the film what were they protesting? Del Toro's performance in Traffic?

Fox said...

I know... that's kinda what I mean.

They could care less about the movie (meaning whether it's actually well done or not...), they care about the constant deifying of a man that they see as abhorrent and that's what they're yelling at.

bill r. said...

Plus, Del Toro has gone public with his admiration of Guevara. He dedicated his award at Cannes to him.