Thursday, December 04, 2008


"yes mom, you have a question for me?"

It looks like Rob Zombie won't be directing Halloween 2. Well, that's at least what Scout Taylor-Compton - the actress that played Laurie Strode in the remake - says:

People need to stop believing what they read on the Internet. I'm somewhat close with Rob and believe me, if there was any truth to this... I'd know.”


TRACTOR FACTS located the one person in the country that actually cares about this and asked him what his thoughts were after hearing Taylor-Compton's confirmation.

Well, he didn't really say much... in fact, he thought we were weirdos for even calling him. However, we thought we heard some real amateur porn playing in the background, so we're presuming he's matured and grown out of his Zombie phase.

In other crucial movie news:

* David Hackl won't be directing Saw VI

* Lori Petty isn't interested in doing a Tank Girl 2

* and... Tobe Hooper is still waiting for someone to Netflix his remake of The Toolbox Murders. ("He's still making movies?!?", someone said, recently, at the local video store).

But speaking of John Carpenter remakes, there was word today of a They Live redo.

Well, the first thing I thought of was "How in the hell are they gonna get someone to replace Rowdy Roddy Piper as John Nada!?!?".

I'm serious. That was one of the best one off casting jobs in Hollywood history. Roddy Piper and that character of John Nada were star-crossed. Carpenter saw that, and pounced on it. I mean, it would be like Big Trouble In Little China without Kurt Russell, Pandora's Box without Louise Brooks, Scarface without Al Pacino. The actors ARE those movies.

They Live
without Rowdy Roddy Piper?!?! That's insane.


Marilyn said...

Actually, Paul Muni is Scarface. Al Pacino? Meh.

Fox said...

Yes, but Paul Muni had George Raft. Al Pacino had...erm, Steven Bauer.

Rick Olson said...

And I've got you both ...

Fox said...

Awww, Rick. But if I'm your "Scarface" sidekick that means I'm in love with your sister! AND THEN YOU SHOOT ME!!!

Rick Olson said...

And high time, too.

Jonathan Lapper said...

They say our love won't pay the rent...

And the Scarface inclusion is odd since you're decrying remaking classic character/actor related movies and that's just what it is. Besides, I can't stand it. It's a paragon of mediocrity.

Fox said...


I only decry it if it's criminal, which it would be for someone to fill the shoes of Roddy Piper.

But for the record, I don't have a problem with remakes like most people seem to. I'll rip them if they're bad (as Zombie's is) but I don't think anything is off-limits...

... unless it's an exception like casting someone other than Piper in the role of John Nada. Piper in They Live is destiny.

But I think DePalma's Scarface - and Pacino's perfomance - are fine, especially since it draws on the Cuban American immigration experience in the way the original did Italian Americans.


Who else could kick ass and chew bubblegum like this guy?

Fox said...


EXACTLY! And is there anyone IN THE WORLD that could deliver that bit of dialogue and make it classic? I think not.

PIPER said...

Guys, guys, guys. It's Pat Piper. Not Roddy Piper. I wish you would get my frickin name right.