Friday, November 28, 2008


I think it's a legitimate question... one I've yet to hear a convincing answer to.

Out of everyone in Hollywood, why him? Is it anti-Scientology bigotry? Is it because he's short? Is it because he's successful? Is it because he defied early criticism and became a good actor?

Maybe it's a stew of all those things, but a couple of memorable incidents seem to come up the most:

***ONE: He went off on Matt Lauer (and Brooke Shields, indirectly) when he blasted the use of psychiatric drugs.

For some reason the general public takes no issue - as the shouldn't, btw - with the director of Anchorman or Nora Ephron writing political commentary for The Huffington Post, but if Tom Cruise expresses his opinion on prescription drugs then he's a wacko.

***TWO: He jumped on Oprah's couch because he was excited about his love for Katie Holmes.

Wow.... how totally contemptible.

So, for whatever reason, the next round of gossip blogger bile directed at Cruise is because he wants to produced a lustful film starring him and his wife Katie Holmes. From an unnamed studio executive:

‘They’re looking at remaking Last Tango In Paris, but anything sexy with a good story appeals,’ a film studio executive tells Now.

Tom’s looking for something that’s cutting edge and sexy, but also accessible.

'He’s thinking along the lines of Basic Instinct – a movie that has a mainstream plot, but also some intense sex stuff.

'He hasn’t found the script yet, but both he and Katie are reading a few that could fit the bill.’

While remaking Last Tango does sound painful (remaking Bertolucci is like doing a radio edit of Mozart), why not redo Basic Instinct? It's not like the original was anything to begin with.

Some Guardian blogger guesses that perhaps Cruise wants to "prove his love" to Holmes by making this movie and/or wants to "enshrine their love-making as a major motion picture". Or, as I think, maybe Cruise just wants to make an erotically-themed movie with his wife. (GASP!) You know, she IS an actress after all.

I mean, really people. There are some Grade A imbeciles to go after in Hollywood, so how about backing away from Tom Cruise for awhile, yeah?


Rick Olson said...

Last time Cruise made an erotic movie with a wife was "Eyes Wide Shut." Of course, that was a Kubrick film much more than a Cruise flick. And I think it was underrated.

As for Cruise, I have nothing against him, except for being incredibly good looking and married to two hot actresses in a row ... he's a solid enough actor, I think, though nothing special.

Jason Bellamy said...

I don't dislike Tom Cruise. At least not while watching his movies. I think that many people rip his performances because they made up their minds a long time ago that the guy couldn't act, and so now they feel they must stick to it.

Is he good looking? Yes. But so are George Clooney and Brad Pitt, and people like them (not all people, of course, but I think more than like Cruise). What's the difference? Well, Clooney and Pitt have a laid back charm to them, on and off the screen (think of the "Ocean's" movies). People like that. Cruise has an intense personality (see couch jumping episode) that's harder to get cozy with, if you know what I mean.

As far as off the screen, the Lauer stuff was pretty crazy. And in my mind, the Scientology stuff is pretty crazy. He's free to believe what he wants. I'm fine with that. But I've tried to do the math on that belief system, and to me 1 plus 1 equals an octopus. I don't get it. In the least, Scientology is unfamiliar to most people, and thus, again, it makes it hard to relate to Cruise.

And, no, no one bats an eye when Nora Ephron does something, because people don't care about Nora Ephron. The big stars carry big baggage in terms of scrutiny. Fair or not.

Cruise's life is his life. There have long been rumors that he's gay, and I'm sure this film will add to that speculation. For some it'll come off like Michael Jackson sucking face with Lisa Marie -- "Look, everyone, I'm not so strange after all!"

I try not to consume the tabloid rumors, and thus I definitely try not to consume the rumors too touchy to make the tabloids. But I will say this: The fact that Katie Holmes doesn't seem free to be her own person -- my perception -- is pretty high on the ick factor.

But bring on Valkyrie!

Bob Turnbull said...

I think there's the additional aspect that Cruise appears to come off as fake in his interviews - I just don't feel like he is able to have natural off the cuff conversations with people (then again, when have entertainment interviews been natural and off the cuff...).

But that's just my perception. I don't hate him...He freaks me out a bit sometimes and I lost a ton of respect for him after the Lauer interview - whatever my knowledge about psychiatric drugs may be (or lack of knowledge), I know that Cruise doesn't know a lick about them from any scientific standpoint.

But I can still enjoy him as an actor if he steps out of bland Cruise control...He was terrific in Magnolia, enjoyable in Jerry Maguire, surprisingly good in Collateral and he was pretty funny in his recent role in Tropic Thunder (though in small bits). Of course, I still think Risky Business was one of his best roles...I didn't think much of him in Mission Impossible though. I gritted my teeth through number III (of course that wasn't just Cruise's fault). And roles in stuff like A Few Good Men and The Firm just feel totally blah to me.

It is a valid question though Fox. There are people who HATE him and revel in any weird news about him. Odd.

Rick, Cruise was actually married to three hot actresses in a row. Mimi Rogers was no small potatoes.

bryan h. said...

I've never understood the vehemence of Tom Cruise haters. Is it the religion? Because all religions are silly from the outside. I can understand being turned off by how self-aggrandizing his films have become, but exerting that degree of image control is par for the course for stars that huge. I don't get it. I love the hell out of Risky Business and Collateral is a high-achieving minor work by my favorite filmmaker. Beyond those, Cruise has been great in Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut, Minority Report, Rainman, Mission: Impossible (though not the sequels) and The Color of Money. There aren't many stars with a resume as solid as his.

I remember a video the Alamo showed once of a dude shooting Tom Cruise with a water pistol at a movie premiere rope line and instead of blowing up or spazzing, Cruise was just calm and confused and politely told the guy that was rude.

Like I said, I don't get it.

Ed Howard said...

Cruise can be a good actor when he has a good director who knows how to use and channel what he can do: Collateral, Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia, etc. More often, though, he's a bit of a blank slate and tends towards smarminess when he shows any emotion at all.

That said, the Scientology stuff is kind of looney, and in interviews he comes across as more than a little brainwashed. I also don't like the perception that he was basically hunting for a malleable wife who he could convert into Scientology, and finally found one whose career was flimsy enough that it seemed like a good idea to her. Granted, I don't know jack about them more than the rumors, but it really sounds like she's under his thumb. This new sex film sounds like a rather desperate attempt to publicly contend that their relationship is real and loving, and as an obvious vanity project it doesn't sound very promising. The Kubrick film was of course a very different matter, and is indeed one of my favorite films.

Anonymous said...

i don't avoid tom cruise movies but that doesn't mean i don't find him a little creepy. i'll never forget the w magazine interview with katie holmes in 2005. check it out.

Jonathan Lapper said...

I think it's a legitimate question... one I've yet to hear a convincing answer to.

Are you joking? Anti-Scientology bigotry? Are you serious? Scientology is a lying dangerous hateful invasive cult! So I guess I'm a bigot for being against that. I hate rapists, child killers and Nazis too. Am I a bigot because of that. So there's your first convincing answer: Tom Cruise condones, takes part in and proselytizes for a known dangerous organization. Yes, that's a convincing reason to dislike the dim-witted sack of shit.

Second, it has taken us over a century to get past the mumbo jumbo of exorcisms and scientology audits of people who are "possessed" or have bad "thetons" clinging to them and realize that human beings have problems in brain chemistry that can be corrected with drugs that allow them to live healthy and productive lives. Cruise is speaking out against that. Convincing reason number two to dislike the uneducated fuckwad.

So there you go. You don't have to worry any longer about not hearing a convincing answer to why some people don't like Tom Cruise.

Krauthammer said...

Although I have some qualms about Scientology and such, I'm able to ignore an actor or director's personal life when watching their filsm. The problem with Cruise for me is that I'm just not a big fan of his acting. He never seems to add to the movie, even in good or great films like Magnolia he never truly impresses me. He's one of those actors whose charisma matters far more, and if you can't quite dial into his charisma, he'll be a loss for you.

Though he was very good in Collateral

bryan h. said...

By the way, Fox, clever use of a 30 Rock reference in the last sentence.

Jonathan Lapper said...

I have no problem separating the actor from the personality, I thought Cruise was great in Magnolia for instance. But Fox was asking, I thought, why people hate him personally. And that's why I can't stand that loser (the reasons I stated above). He publically endorses a dangerous cult and says people who have been able to get on with their lives via prescription drugs are doing the wrong thing. I'm sorry, but he's a demented jerk in my book.

Jonathan Lapper said...

Mel Gibson's the same for me. I like his Fletcher Christian in The Bounty but can't stand Gibson the man. Or weasel, as it were.

Fox said...

Jonathan & Jason-

I don't deny that that there are loony and hateful Scientologists, but I side with Bryan in that it's just as susceptible to danger as any other religion, and - as far as I know - has caused less death and pain as compared to any other.

That said, as long as there's no proof that Cruise is out there ordering and participating in criminal behavior then I have no problem with his beliefs or status in any cult/religion/organization.

So what if he doesn't believe in psychiatric drugs? I think that makes him wrong, but not a "fu*kwad". If Cruise penetrates the FDA and keeps drugs off our shelves then I will be upset, but if he wants to engage someone with his side of the argument so be it.

Fox said...


I could be reading too much into his Tropic Thunder performance, but I couldn't help but think he was channeling a lot of the Hollywood back-biting and behind-the-back talk that went on about him... allegedly, and most notably, the fight between him and Sumner Redstone.

Rick, Ed, all those who mentioned Eyes Wide Shut-

I love Cruise's performance in that movie. Granted, I credit Kubrick for a lot of it, but I especially like the scene of him alone in the cafe late at night with a newspaper. It's not the flashiest or wildest or sharpest scene or performance from Cruise in that movie, but I love it.

Eyes Wide Shut is also one of the rare times I've enjoyed a Nicole Kidman performance. I never got her, but I did in THAT movie. I thought she was great. That whole film mesmerizes me from start to finish.

Megan said...

I was talking to my mother about the previews for Valkyrie and whining about the eye patch, and she looked at me quite calmly and said, "You know, he's not a bad actor."

You don't know my mom, but if you did you'd know that her saying something calmly is almost unheard of. It made me stop and think.

I remember reading an interview about/with him from very early in his career. It talked a lot about how extremely focused and intense he was/is about his job. It's hard to "like" people like that sometimes.

I think his religion is bollocks but looking back, I've liked almost all of his films...and now I don't know where I'm going with this comment anymore. I guess I don't hate Tom Cruise!

Jason Bellamy said...

Whoa! I was complementary of Cruise. I mentioned the Scientology simply because it's unfamiliar to most people, and I think that's part of the reason that folks don't embrace him. Also, regardless of any religious motivations, if a husband is perceived to be controlling of his wife, that would creep people out too.

As an actor, Cruise is great in Magnolia, Collateral, Eyes Wide Shut, and even A Few Good Men (a movie that has had its magic snuffed out due to constant showings on TNT). And there are others.

As I said before, his personal life is his. I try not to focus on that stuff, before or after a movie.

But I will say this about the whole question of Scientology vs Other Religions. The only major difference is this: Scientology is a NEW religion. To me, a non-religious person, that's creepy. Because the only reason, in my mind, to follow any of the current religions is because the tradition has been handed down through families and become a part of a person's identity. I won't call it a brainwashing, because that has negative connotations that don't necessarily apply here, but the effect is the same. How a new religion comes along in this day and age, I don't get.

That said, it is unfair to call Scientology a "cult" and Catholicism (what I was raised on) a "religion." But now I'm sending us on a tangent. Why? Because it's new? Because it doesn't have as many members ... yet?

Ed Howard said...

As much as I agree with Jason and others that all religions are kind of silly, there's definitely cause to call Scientology a "cult" and Christianity a "religion," beyond the question of tradition. The origins of Scientology lie solely in a desire to swindle and bilk people out of their money -- L. Ron Hubbard himself all but said as much -- and it's a religion aimed at cheating and controlling its adherents in a way that no other religion is, even if all of them do ask for some monetary support. I try to stay out of debates about celebrities' private lives, and as I said above, I sometimes like Cruise onscreen, but there's no question to me that Scientology is a dangerous cult and very different from being a member, even an active prosletyzing member, of another religion.

Jonathan Lapper said...

So basically Fox you don't want to hear a convincing reason why people don't like Tom Cruise. The "as long as he's not keeping the drugs off the shelf" argument - come on Fox. Do you give the same pass to racism? Do you believe that someone hating black people is not a convincing reason to dislike them as long as they're not passing laws taking rights away from black people? I really don't care if someone is not actively denying rights and priviledges to minorities, if they are against them due to the color of their skin that's reason enough for me to not like them.

And I'm no fan of religions but I would never put them in the same category as Scientology. I provided many links to read on the history of Scientology. The only comparable links that would give you the same situations with mainstream religions would be occurances of centuries ago. No Episcopalians of today are doing what Scientology does.

Fox, you asked why people don't like Cruise. I gave you my answer. You seem to be going out of your way to marginalize it as if Cruise is a close personal friend or something. If you like him fine. But don't qualify dangerous thinking on modern medicine and cultism with "as long as he's not ..." etc. That's giving Cruise a pass he doesn't deserver nor one that he has earned.

bryan h. said...

J. Lapper:

I think I see where Fox is coming from, but he can disavow all knowledge (ha ha) if this analogy doesn't work for him. Scientology may well have a condescending and dangerous take on antidepressants (I say "may" because I know little about Scientology). I do believe that these meds can truly save lives. Incidentally, Tom Cruise has apologized for being such a dick about those comments.

But Scientology is doing nothing to keep them out of the hands of people whose doctors prescribe them; they're not (as far as I know) trying to pass laws making them illegal.

On the other hand, plenty of Christians, as Fox points refers to, have infiltrated state and federal governments and have tried and succeeded to make it harder for people to to get birth control.

They've also prohibited American NGOs in other countries from discussing (not performing) abortions. This might seem like a minor regulation, but bear in mind that it's downright deadly for parts of the world where overpopulation threatens to amplify an already mass famine.

So, to me, where Scientologists might merely have uninformed opinions, there are Christians who are trying to use public policy to force their morality on everyone else.

elgringo said...

I have never understood the criticism Cruise has received over the last couple years, especially when it comes to the couch-jumping incident. If I was dating Katie Holmes, I'd be jumping all over the place too. I credit the criticism to bigotry because he's been outspoken out his faith in Scientology.

Jonathan Lapper said...

Bryan, I don't disagree with you or Fox on that. But as I said, there are many racists who are also not doing anything on state or federal levels to impose racist laws on the citizens of the United States. It doesn't mean that suddenly I have no reason to dislike them. Whether they're influential or not, I still find their hateful views reason enough to dislike and oppose them. The whole post starts with the question "Why do people hate Tom Cruise?" I answer why and Fox doesn't want to accept that as a legitimate answer. Well, that's why people, including myself, dislike him, and it's legitimate.

And I didn't appreciate the idea of being against a dangerous cult considered as being bigoted which Fox implied with his usage of the words "anti-Scientology bigotry." It's not bigotry, it's being against a dangerous cult.

This post presented itself as if there were absolutely no reason in the world to dislike Tom Cruise and golly gee whiz everybody, why's everyone so against him? And then Fox says he's yet to hear a convincing answer to that. What the hell, how did you possibly avoid not hearing a convincing answer to that?

Jonathan Lapper said...

Can I ask why so many seem to think being against a cult is bigoted? I'm sorry but I'm really starting to find this bizarre and disturbing.

Megan said...

JL - I went to the places you had linked, but I am just as bewildered about Scientology as I was before.

bryan h. said...

JL- Very fair point. If I met a dude on a bus saying the same things about antidepressants Tom Cruise did, I'd think they were a jerk even if they were just a guy on a bus.

Jonathan Lapper said...

Megan, it's a mess of an organization so it's pretty hard to get your mind around. I've been reading about it for years and the wretched things they've done. The old Chris Carter show Millenium did a great parody episode of it that I recommend if you can find it.

Bryan, thanks. I think we've all said our peace here for the most part and it's probably time to move on. But Fox, I hope now you have an answer for why some people, say me for example, don't like Cruise. But I still love you Fox, even if you do like Diary of the Dead, which I hear from Bill is atrocious.

Now do a post asking why some people don't like Sarah Silverman. You know you want to.

Fox said...

Thanks for continuing this conversation on everyone...

First, Jonathan-

You seem irritated and I don't know why. I asked for convincing arguments and you made your case. I'm not trying to dismiss or marginalize your argument, just challenge them. Maybe that's for my own benefit to understand things better, but it's definitely not a slam on you.

But you say:

The only comparable links that would give you the same situations with mainstream religions would be occurrences of centuries ago.

I would submit that the actions of radical Islam inconspicuously ruling Western sub-communities through Sharia Law would qualify, as would radical Mormons wedding underage girls and keeping them captive under oppressive rules. Those are just two links to mainstream religion that come off the top of my head.

It sounds to me that you don't dislike Tom Cruise simply b/c he's a Scientologist, but b/c he's outspoken about issues you feel passionately about (ie psychiatric drugs). Beck and Jason Lee seem to be among the Scientologists that certainly don't publicly preach the same philosophies as Cruise. Want I'm trying to say is that I wouldn't qualify your dislike of Cruise as "bigotry".

I reject your comparison, though, to someone being against prescription drugs/medicine and someone that is a racist. I think that's apples and oranges.

Fox said...

El Gringo-

My question about the "I hate Tom Cruise b/c he's a Scientologist" - when it's not something specific like a stance against prescription drugs that Lapper mentioned - is that the reason behind that seems to fall into either a simple "he's a wacko" argument or a guilt-by-association argument (ie Cruise is a Scientologist so that automatically connects him to mysterious instances of murder etc). If we're going to play the I-belong(ed)-to-a-group-that-has-done-horrible-things-argument then we're probably all guilty. That's why I don't like guilt by association arguments.

Fox said...

Now do a post asking why some people don't like Sarah Silverman. You know you want to.

Anti-Semitism is the only explanation for an opinion such as that.

Fox said...

Oh, and Jason... I didn't mean to mix you up with Jonathan's comments in any way. I was just trying to respond to both of you. Sorry that it came out messy or accusatory.

Jonathan Lapper said...

Irritated? You must have been writing that before you saw my last entry that pretty much ended with nothing but jokes. I can't stand Cruise, but I'm not irritated at you or anyone here. I did think it odd that disliking cults was offered up as bigotry, but your last comment clarified that.

And I can understand the confusion on the racism/prescription statement but I wasn't comparing the two, just using the two as a way of stating that one can dislike someone for what they think or believe without the person they dislike possessing the power to influence state or federal laws. In other words, I can dislike someone because they are a racist whether or not the affect any change just as I can dislike someone with Cruise's views on medicine whether or not he can affect change with it. Not an equating of the two, but a rebuttal to the argument that it is okay as long as he is not directly affecting the prescription drug market. I felt using an analogy with racism would be useful in making that point. That's all.

Jonathan Lapper said...

Anti-Semitism is the only explanation for an opinion such as that.

Did you just call Marilyn an anti-semite? Fox, you live dangerously.

Fox said...

Fair enough, Sir Lapper. Your words are like strong shield and saber on a Roman battlefield (sorry... my father-in-law is watching the Military Channel and it's influencing my syntax).

Good discussion though. Truly. Your comments have made me do further thinking and research and that's the best thing a blog can offer us (in my opinion). The aspect of Scientology that has always creeped me out are the mysterious murders/suicides. In fact, Beck was accused of being involved with one of those bizarre instances. He since has been totally cleared of any such accusations, but those are the stories I keep hearing that concern me about Scientology.

I do part with you on disliking someone b/c they share Cruise's opinions on medicine (for the record, I strongly disagree with his opinion and would argue against him in a debate), but I respect your stance. I guess we have nothing further to say on that. Just two people disagreeing... like on the merits of Christopher Guests' filmmaking.

Look at that... I've just made a shameless attempt to extend the comments in this post by calling out Christopher Guest (not to mention the lingering Sarah Silverman/anti-Semite card I played... which - though this probably goes without saying but I feel like covering my tracks during the holiday season - was entirely a joke.)

Fox said...

p.s. Oh, and Bryan. Thank you for doing a much better job of extending my point about personal morality into government than I could have. :)

bryan h. said...

You're doing just fine, but I'm happy to be of service.

And may I also add that as a Michael Mann devotee it heartens me to see how much respect was thrown to Collateral throughout this discussion.

Soiled Sinema said...

I think people hate Tom Cruise because he seems like a nice guy who actually enjoys his life.

Unlike most Hollywood stars, he also seems to have his own set of beliefs. Most Hollywood stars come off as hedonistic nihilists who promote charity as a way to pump up their vanity. Whether one believes in Scientology or not is irrelevant. The fact that Cruise has real beliefs puts him up higher than most people from Hollywood.

And of course, Cruise's performance is "Eyes Wide Shut" was brilliant.

Fuck da hatas!

Jason Bellamy said...

Good discussion. I'd like to hear more arguments, if folks have them, on why Scientology is considered a cult and Christianity is a religion. To me, if there's a line between the two it's so fine that it's irrelevant.

That said, I have to take this opportunity to tell my Scientology story: A few years ago, I was in the LA area for a friend's wedding and went down to the Hollywood strip -- Kodak, El Cap, Grauman's, Walk of Fame, etc. There's a small Scientology info center there. Walking down the street, two people with clipboards invited me and my girlfriend inside to take part in a quick study. Well, there was no way we were passing that up.

So we go inside and we're asked to watch a video. It's of L Ron Hubbard. He's sitting at his desk, he says maybe 8 words (it's a random section of an interview with no context) and he rubs his hands together. This 10-second segment is looped five times in a row in color. Then the same 10-second video is looped five times in black-and-white. After that, we got questioned about our responses to the video...essentially, did we prefer the color version to the black-and-white.

So far as I know, I didn't receive any anal probe during the experience. That said, whenever I see a man rubbing his hands together, I cluck like a chicken and put in the DVD of "Battlefield Earth." Is that strange?

Seriously though: There's a Scientology office here in DC. I'd actually love to go take a pitch meeting, just to see how that works.

Back to Scientology vs Christianity: Over the weekend I watched "Milk," which offers not so subtle reminders of a time not so long ago when religion was used openly to preech against something as basic as equal business rights for homosexuals. We've come so far since then that ... homosexuals can't get married. Why? Because marriage is between man and a woman? Why? Because that's what the Bible says. And who said there was separation of church and state?

Is this any less cultish? I don't see it. (This should inspire some lively discussion.)

Fletch said...

I don't think anyone hates Tom Cruise. Look, the guy's been an A-list star for nearly 25 years. He's had every move closely inspected for much of that time. He said a few things that pissed a few people off and acted like a buffoon (yes) on national TV when proclaiming the love for his 20-years younger wife (while much of the public probably still thinks he's gay.

Short story long, he's overexposed, like so many stars before and after him. Build 'em up, tear 'em down. Nothing new here.

It's not a similar analogy per se, but look how brilliant it was of Mel Gibson to all but disappear after his, um, incident, a few years back. Not sure when it's coming, but I know he has a starring vehicle coming up soon. My guess is the public will welcome him back with open arms. Had he not disappeared, he'd be in a similar boat.

debbie said...

I love Cruise in the first Mission Impossible. One of my top ten favorite movies.

Also, Eyes Wide Shut just recently made my top ten list, as well. That movie constantly challenges my perceptions of love, commitment, intimacy, and sex.It makes me uncomfortable, but in a good way.

I loved Far and Away as a tween girl.

As far as Cruise himself? I don't give much thought to him. But, he annoys me cause his face is ugly.
But, Katie Holmes looks hot!

Marilyn said...

I don't dislike Cruise, and I find all the press against him a distraction from other, more important issues.

Now that dress on Katie, that I hate! And Tom is just the right height to like rest his chin on the top of her bustier cup and look into the chasm of what her bosom is NOT filling.

Fox said...


We have a giant Scientology building here in Austin. It's on the corner of one our main streets, right across from the University. It's really odd and imposing b/c it looks like nobody is ever inside, yet it stays afloat and in business longer than any other. I need to go inside and investigate one day. Maybe I'll take pictures for TRACTOR FACTS and see if the boogeyman comes after me when I post them.

Now on the gay marriage issue, and relating it to the the future of gay marriage and Christianity in particular...

I've found the activist's lashing out at the Mormon church to be a bit off-target. Now, I know the Mormon's spearheaded Prop 8... but I think the future of this debate will lie with Christians.

Now, some have argued that the uptick in Black voters coming out for Obama tipped the scale in favor of Prop 8 passing. But I think the upcoming issue is going to be with Hispanic voters. This is the fastest growing demographic, and, as many people know, a large portion of Hispanics are Catholic (especially new immigrants coming from Mexico). And, of course, Catholics are against gay marriage.

Of course, gay activists won't touch this b/c it will be perceived as racial. I think that's why they've targeted Mormons. They're safe and fluffy and... (mostly) white. However, the greatest future opposition is likely gonna come in the arms of Hispanic voters. It shall be interesting.

Daniel Getahun said...

I'm not sure how late I am in the conversation here, but suffice to say Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actors. I love his movies. He made me love movies.

What this has to do with his personal life or religion or marriage, I don't know. Nothing, I suppose, since I guess I don't care. I love Tom Cruise the Actor.

Now if you had asked the same question about Angelina Jolie...

Evan Derrick said...

I'm late to the conversation as well, but...I want to have Tom Cruise's babies. There. I've said it. You have no idea how long that's been sitting on my chest.

helan said...

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Max Becher said...

Cruise's deep involvement with scientology is an indication that he has a bizarre relationship with reality. It's a red flag that something is wrong there. He is becoming the Michael Jackson of actors.

But that's not why people hate him. Many celebrities are (or were) involved with scientology and are still very popular (Travolta, Beck, Seinfeld).

What really makes people dislike him is his smarmy vanity. Basically every one of his movies is a "vanity project" (see

Unlike Meryl Streep or Philip Seymour Hoffman who make you forget they're acting and who help you enter a story, and who have some humility, Cruise plays CRUISE playing a role. He seems to be saying: imagine being ME mastering this important role. It's always about the viewer being taunted to identify with him as actor, instead of with his character. It's incredibly irritating.

Good directors and fellow actors have known how to turn his vanity into good movies, by using his shallowness as a character device or metaphor in the story line.

Now, one has to respect his intensity and dedication, no doubt about it. He is very good and successful at what he does. Maybe his disconnection from reality actually helps him focus.

I often have the feeling that he's very much about control, but the one thing he can't control is his infantile personality showing through.

Take a look at his website and you'll notice that he is completely unaware of the almost comical level of his own narcissism.

Now, if you're attracted to him in some romantic way, or tend to lose yourself in celebrity worship, then maybe you don't notice his over-the-top self involvement. But the fact that some people don't notice what makes him irritating, makes others hate him even more.

Anonymous said...

I'll be dancing a truly happy dance when Katie finally divorces that "FREAK" known as Tom....
Hope she gets both Suri, and a BUNDLE of cash....
God know's she deserves it !!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i only have one word to reply on this article-JEALOUS. most of the people hate tom because they are so jealous and why would they be jealous? because tom is almost perfect(except for his height).
i mean why do some people love criticizing a person? some people love looking at the bad side of the people they hate maybe because of they feel envy for that person.
yes, tom is weird and everybody knows that. tom is also a human which has a good one and a bad one just like us. we should love each other, whether we like it or not.because it is the only thing that can make us relax and to not feel highly-tempered whenever we see the celebrity we hate. tom is an amazing actor, and a famous one, let's not compare him to other stars like pitt or clooney.they've got their own style, own ability, and own traits just like the rest of us. they have their own awesomeness inside and out of them.let's try to look at the good side of them and be inspired by them..

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Russell Dee said...

Jonathan Lapper, at least one of your reasons, the first reason you listed, for hating Tom Cruise is really factually unfair and kind of bigoted. You insult Tom Cruise because of Scientology but you have not proven even one thing that Tom Cruise has done in connection with his Scientology that makes him deserving of hate. I agree that Scientology, as it is being practiced, may be a cult and may even be dangerous, but I do not think that it has been proven that Tom Cruise is part of any of the alleged wrongdoing that is being done by the church. The catholic church has a lot of priests and higher-up accused of sodomizing little boys but this does not make all Catholics evil does it? I was raised a catholic but I never sodomized anybody and blaming Tom Cruise for the wrongdoing by other scientologists is the same as blaming me for the priests sodomizing little boys. I wasn't involved so why should I get the blame? Nobody has proven Cruise has done anything wrong and you are hating-on him just because other scientologists maybe have done things that they should not have done. It aint Tom Cruise's fault. It's bigotry to persecute a whole group of people just because some of those people do things they should not do. You are a bigot for sure.

You said that your hatred of Cruise based on him being a scientologist is as reasonable as hating someone for being a rapist but that's falst because one could possibly be a scientologist without hurting anyone but it is impossible to be a rapist without hurting someone. You are comparing apples and oranges and you are a bigot.

Russell Dee said...

Jonathan Lapper, at least one of your reasons, the first reason you listed, for hating Tom Cruise is really factually unfair and kind of bigoted. You insult Tom Cruise because of Scientology but you have not proven even one thing that Tom Cruise has done in connection with his Scientology that makes him deserving of hate. I agree that Scientology, as it is being practiced, may be a cult and may even be dangerous, but I do not think that it has been proven that Tom Cruise is part of any of the alleged wrongdoing that is being done by the church. The catholic church has a lot of priests and higher-up accused of sodomizing little boys but this does not make all Catholics evil does it? I was raised a catholic but I never sodomized anybody and blaming Tom Cruise for the wrongdoing by other scientologists is the same as blaming me for the priests sodomizing little boys. I wasn't involved so why should I get the blame? Nobody has proven Cruise has done anything wrong and you are hating-on him just because other scientologists maybe have done things that they should not have done. It aint Tom Cruise's fault. It's bigotry to persecute a whole group of people just because some of those people do things they should not do. You are a bigot for sure.

You said that your hatred of Cruise based on him being a scientologist is as reasonable as hating someone for being a rapist but that's falst because one could possibly be a scientologist without hurting anyone but it is impossible to be a rapist without hurting someone. You are comparing apples and oranges and you are a bigot.

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Leslie said...

I don't hate Tom Cruise... I don't know the guy. Never met him. Hey he could be a cool guy to hang around. I am not into his religion because I Believe in Jesus Christ. You are actually supposed to love your enemies. Again, I don't hate him, he never did me anything personally. A couple of movies he's been in was enjoyable. However, I don't care for his disposition and demeaner in the media. Again his religion sours my stomach but his cocky attitude more. John Travolta shares the same beliefs as Tom Cruise but I believe I could sit in a room with John Travolta and feel 100% comfortable around him.

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SurfLover said...

People are odd in that they would condemn another human for passionately professing their love for another. I too think that we overprescribe psychiatric drugs - to adults and to kids. It is our new medicinal bandaid approach to everything. Even family physicians prescribe anti-depressants NOT requiring the patients to go to therapy to figure out what makes them depressed in the first place. Mother's little helper is no longer Valium, it is an anti-depressant of ADHD drug for the kids. Why some have chosen Tom Cruise as a scapegoat is beyond me. He is an excellent actor and seems an all around good goy.

Anonymous said...

I personally think tom cruise does not deserve the hate. I think he is truly amazing despite the gossip

Dr. Ferris said...

It's because he's a really nice guy and very genuine but also very vulnerable emotionally, and because the US has more than their fair share of opinionated asshats. But that's just my opinion.