Thursday, November 06, 2008


An Arizona jogger had an unwelcome companion on a recent run - a fox, hanging on to her arm by its teeth.

The rabid animal had attacked her foot and then as she grabbed its neck, it bit her arm and would not let go.

She ran a mile to her car, where she managed to free herself, wrap the fox in a shirt and throw it in the boot.

It later bit an animal control officer and both jogger and vet received anti-rabies injections, and the fox was confirmed as carrying the disease. (BBC)

I know the fox in question and...

1.) She would never attack anyone without being provoked...


2.) She doesn't have rabies. (Sure, some of the fellas said she could get "rabid" in the foxhole, but when has that ever been a crime?)

I am furious at the media for being so bigoted against our species and one-sided in its coverage of this story!

, were's PETA when you really need them??? Where are all those nude celebrities that claim to love us??? WHERE ARE YOU NOW YOU UPRIGHT SCUM?!?!


Megan said...

I thought it was Chino?

Fox said...

Are you saying you want me to change my sign after all that work in Microsoft Paint!?!?

Rick Olson said...

A rabid fox? Reminds you of some of your blog comments ... and some of your posts, for that matter.

Fox said...

Hey... I have some cousins over there near your Coosa Creek, so just keep it up buddy!

p.s. The Tide are going down on Saturday! Boo-ya!

Marilyn said...

I think the fox just thought she was hot, definitely one of family members (or MAYBE it was you!).

Fox said...

What is this!?!?

I make a plea for tenderness and compassion and all of you guys give me the third degree??? Is it because of the "upright" comment I made? That's it, isn't it?

Then Marilyn implies that I am some prowling womanizer. I mean, I'm into twin sisters, but who isn't? I know Bill R. is!

bill r. said...

I came here to defend you, Fox, and this is what I find. And I'm not even clicking on those links*; knowing you, they could be a portal into a world of depravity and shame the likes of which I've never even imagined.

*Not until I get home, anyway.

Fox said...

No, Bill! No no no! They are totally clean links!

knowing you, they could be a portal into a world of depravity and shame the likes of which I've never even imagined.

GOOD GOD! What do you guys say about me behind my back?

bill r. said...

Okay, I clicked the links.

First link: Awwwwww!

Second link: Awwwwww!

That guy doesn't deserve them. I can tell that already.

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