Sunday, November 09, 2008


I hate when once recognizable talents become annoying divas...

When the Titanic star was asked to drape herself over a luxuriant fur rug for a provocative glossy magazine photoshoot, she was quick to seek reassurances that it was made from artificial fibres.

But now the magazine, Vanity Fair, has been forced to apologise after admitting that the actress had been misled and that the throw was really genuine fox fur.


Asked if Miss Winslet had been misled, her spokeswoman said: ‘That’s correct. She thought it was false. There was apparently false fur there and real fur there, and she definitely understood it was false.

‘Kate never wears fur. She’s very, very furm on that.’ A Vanity Fair spokeswoman confurmed: ‘Although there were both real and fake furs on set, the fur used in the photograph is real. We thought Miss Winslet was aware of this and we’re sorry for the miscommunication. (Daily Mail)

BTW, Kate. I dream about Catherine Deneuve, and you're no Catherine Deneuve... not even Catherine Deneuve at the age of sixty-five.


Megan said...


Jason Bellamy said...

Fox, I believe you wrote something here, but I was too busy admiring Kate's ass to notice.

Deneuve or not, she's on my List, if you know what I mean. Continue to mock her while she's politely exposing herself and I'll be forced to endorse the trade of genuine Fox pelts.

Jonathan Lapper said...

Shouldn't this be on Bill's blog instead?

Rick Olson said...

Where did such anger come from, Fox?

Fox said...

Jonathan -

I saw how many comments got when he posted the Rosario Dawsom pic, so I had to give it a shot!

Megan -


Rick -

You ask:

Where did such anger come from, Fox?

See Jason's comment. Well, read between the lines of his comment, b/c I obviously I don't want fellow fox killed for their coats, but how dare she turn away OUR fur for some fake crap!

Plus, until she builds a fox habitat in her backyard where my brothers and sisters can come for shelter, I don't wanna hear her self-righteousness.

Victor said...

I'm willing to overlook this. I put all the blame on being married to Sam Mendes and being good friends with Leo.

Fox said...


I was fishing for a comment from you here!

And like Jason, I'm guessing you were staring at Kate's behind for about 2 hours before you got around to adding your comment.

I TOTALLY blame Sam Mendes for this. Before him she was probably a cool chick, but then she married him and he put all of his stupid American Beauty-type outlook-on-life inside of her.

If you haven't seen the trailer for their new film Revolutionary Road, don't do yourself the harm. True, I need to hold judgment before seeing it, but it just looks like about the worst thing ever... well, maybe second worst as we discussed the worst over e-mail last Friday

bill r. said...

Hey, I'm about more than just pictures of pretty ladies! I write about ladders, too.

Jason Bellamy said...

Wait, there are Rosario Dawson pics somewhere? I thought Tractor "Helen Mirren" Facts was my go-to portal for celebrity soft core! What gives!

Jason Bellamy said...

Oh, and thank god that was Kate Winslet. If it had been Sarah Silverman stretched out on that genuine fox fur, some heads would have exploded.

Fox said...

Oh, and thank god that was Kate Winslet. If it had been Sarah Silverman stretched out on that genuine fox fur, some heads would have exploded.

Ha! Jason... you've just given me an idea for a future post!! Excellent!

And yes, Bill R. (look up!) has a blog that often features sexy ladies. We tend to have different tastes, but we're Equal Opportunity Perverts, so you should check out his blog when mine doesn't deliver. Oh yeah, HERE it is.

Also, note that Marilyn hasn't commented on this thread yet. On Bill's blog she mentioned that she was worried that N.O.W. would revoke her membership. It's understandable, Marilyn, but we would be proud to have you join our club if that happens!

Jason Bellamy said...

Equal Opportunity Perverts. Well said.

So I think I've figured out that I'm supposed to begin each week with Bill. Er, with the photos of beautiful women posted by Bill.

Thus far I've seen Rosario, Uma and there's hintings of Jenna Fischer. Three for three, in my book. Of course, I'm going to keep having to scroll down so that the banner is hidden ... that just ruins it for me. (And, seriously, if I've been following the comments at Cinema Styles correctly -- and you don't have to follow them too hard -- shouldn't that be Silverman's face anyway? But I digress.)

Jason Bellamy said...

One more thing: I was sitting at work this morning, around 7 am, when a fox ran across the courtyard and up to my window. No shit.

First time that's happened.

He looked appropriately perverted, and as he ran away I think he was muttering something about Borat or Che. Hard to tell with that accent.

Kat Candler said...

nice kate winslet hater.

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