Thursday, November 13, 2008


While contemplating the drool inducing titles of Conversations With My Garderner and Quantum of Solace, a blogger at The Guardian ponders what the most boring titles of all-time are.

I particularly like this game, because I love a good title, and I like thinking of imaginary titles for books, movies, albums etc.

Some of the commenters of The Guardian came up with: The Constant Gardener (yes!), Catch 22 (I don't think that's boring), Michael Clayton (yes!), My Left Foot (that one just made me laugh).

But what are some others? There's tons out there just waiting to be plucked. The first one to pop into my head was Air Force.


The Agronomist

The Bible

13 Conversations About One Thing

The Bakery Girl of Monceau

First Name : Carmen

71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance

The Jane Austen Book Club

Becoming Jane

The Crossing Guard

10 Questions for the Dalai Llama

The Magic Flute

Help me think of more!...


Ibetolis said...

I read this blog post too and it so happened that my Dad asked me to look up a film for him, he gave me the synopsis, the lead actor and the decade. So I googled and I found it:

'Operation Daybreak'. How naff is that?

Anyhoo, other boring titles to think over:

Don't Say A Word
Field of Dreams (yawn)
Open Range

Adam Ross said...

I love this topic! Here are some more boring titles I can think of:

The Good German
Don't Talk to Strangers
The Onion Fields
Reign Over Me

Fox said...

Ibetolis & Adam -

Poor Kevin Costner... he's got two in there with Field of Dreams and Open Range. The Postman and Waterworld don't excited too much either. Though I guess "waterworld" brings to mind memories of splishy-splashy waterslide fun, so maybe that one's out.

I think The Onion Field might be my favorite so far. Not only is it a boring title, but it makes me laugh. Now, The Killing Fields... eh, that's just disturbing.

bill r. said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with either The Onion Field or The Good German (as titles, anyway). In both cases, the titles are both quite good when looked at in the context of the story.

I think The Shining is a pretty boring title, actually. Great movie, good book, snoozer of a title.

Marilyn said...

The Magic Flute? No way! Great title.

I have problems with the confusing ones. Like Lean on Me, Talk to Her, Talk to Me, She's All That, He Said, She Said. I never know what the hell I want to watch or have seen or don't want to watch.

I also don't like occupations: The Professional, The Postman, Secretary, though I do like The Bank Dick because it's such an anachronistic term.

Fox said...

But Bill... you're supposed to leave context out! (Or, at least, that's how I'm thinking of it.) Just act like you walked up and saw the DVD on the shelf for the first time in your life.

The Shining is a hilarious title. Not after seeing it, but just as a stand alone title it cracks me up.


Your confusing titles made me think of how my dad went on a rant one time over Can't Hardly Wait and its bad grammar. He was all, "your generation and their bad grammar!", or something.

He was right about MY bad grammar, but I tried to explain to him that "Can't Hardly Wait" was a song by The Replacements and that's what they were referencing. I don't think he heard me for his rant...

I LOVE The Bank Dick as a title. But I used to like it before I knew "dick" was synonymous with detective. I think I finally figured this out while watching Ace Ventura : Pet Detective (good title!) when Sean Young calls Jim Carrey a "Pet Dick".

bill r. said...

I generally agree about professions as titles (I also don't like names, like the aforementioned Michael Clayton), but Secretary is, I think, a pretty good title for that particular movie. Another good profession title is The Exorcist.

Did anyone say The Road? I love Cormac McCarthy, but that title was just, well, lame. His titles are usually so striking, too.

Bob Turnbull said...

In honour of that Alphabet meme all the kids are into these days:

Arlington Road
The Baxter
The Client
The Doctor
The English Patient
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Hospital
In & Out
Jerry Maguire
The Karate Kid Part II (not even a secondary title? Like "The Kid Goes To Japan" or something?)
L.A. Story
Mr. Brooks
The Net
Owning Mahowny
The Quiet American
Stephanie Daley
The Toy
Used Cars
Variety Lights
We Don't Live Here Anymore
The Young Ones

By default, any title that starts with an 'X' or a 'Z' just isn't boring...

elgringo said...


Bob, your claim been denied.

elgringo said...

Boring Titles: Diane Lane Edition

The Big Town
Nights in Rodanthe
The Virginian
The Setting Sun
Love Dream
Cattle Annie and Little Britches
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All

Fox said...

Bob & El G-

Very well done there on getting creative with the boring titles game! Mixing it up a bit. I mean look at Scott coming out of nowhere with a Diane Lane Special!

Bob, I'm a fan of titles that are city names, so we differ on Philadelphia and L.A. Story, but the The English Patient is an all-timer for dullness, and Owning Mahoney is bad in so many ways, first of which is their lame attempt at trying to rhyme "ing" with "ney".


Everytime I hear Nights in Rodanthe I wish it was Knights of Rodanthe but then I realize it's just Nights in Rodanthe and how much that sucks and how I stupid I am for not knowing where/what Rodanthe is?

And are those last two titles for real!?!? Those might be so boringly bizarre that they went all the way around and became totally awesome!

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