Friday, October 24, 2008



"Steven Soderbergh Making 3-D Rock 'n Roll Cleopatra Film"

I am seriously a serious artist, y'all...


I was so distracted by the disturbing headline yesterday that I failed to see this in the news article:

"The punk rock group Guided by Voices are believed to have written the musical score for the film already, while the script is being written by the band's bassist, James Greer."

This isn't too bizarre since Robert Pollard scored Soderbergh's Bubble, but does
"Guided By Voices are believed to have written the musical score for the film already" mean that Soderbergh is just gonna use old GBV songs to drive the film??? Because they've been broken up for years now. I mean, will Cleopatra (2009-2010) have a scene with Mark Antony singing "My Valuable Hunting Knife"?

What makes that scenario likely is that James Greer is writing the script. Yes, that "James" Greer, as in Jim Greer... as in the former SPIN Magazine writer, Jim Greer... as in formerly married to Kim Deal, Jim Greer... as in the bassist on Alien Lanes, Jim Greer. That guy is writing the script?!?

This is getting weird... especially when you go to IMDB and find out that Greer wrote the scripts for Larry The Cable Guy : Health Inspector and Lindsay Lohan's Just My Luck.


Adam Ross said...

"Joe Esterhaus finishes 466-page draft of sexy Annie Oakley script."

Nah, the Soderbergh one is still worse.

Wiley said...

I'll take a 3D rock and roll Cleopatra film over a 9 hour Che Guevara biopic any day.

Fox said...

Adam -

That would be pretty incredible. Give that script to Paul Verhoeven and you never know!

Wiley -

I'm with you on that one. And you've made me realize how lucky we are to have avoided a Che rock n' roll biopic!

Though, you pretty much get that already in a Rage Against The Machine concert.

EVIL CLOWN said...

Soderbergh is going to direct the shit out of it. You think Che is long and unwatchable? You just wait, Henry Higgins, you just wait.


I dig Soderbergh because he tries new things and different genres.

From following your blog, I have a feeling you dislike him very much, especially because of his new film/s CHE.

I will see them purely because he shot them with a RED ONE camera.

Fox said...

I do find him to be irritatiting, although I do admire him for trying diverse things.

Mostly, lately, yes, I've had issue with his Q & A's over Che and with people like Amy Taubin placing him "in the ranks of the masters." Really, Amy?!?! I mean, would fans of Soderbergh even call him a master? If so, what is his masterpiece? Traffic?!

I like Traffic, in fact, I like his run from 1999-2002 (if you exclude Erin Brockovich), but anything before or after that chunk I could really go without. But I wouldn't call any of those likable films, great.

I think he makes a fine mentor/producer/business man, but I also think he lacks certain instincts that would put him in the class of a "master", much less great, filmmaker.

EVIL CLOWN said...

I'm curious of the word 'master' here.

I am obviously Fox's Master, but that really is beside the point.

What director would we label as a 'master' today? Scorsese? Who else?

I don't know that I would say Soderbergh is a master, but he's a damn fine director.

I would extend that chunk to include 1998 when he also direct Out of Sight which is one of my favorite films. But I would agree that he hasn't done much lately.

And while I found Ocean's 11 to be fun, I have not enjoyed 12 or 13.

Rick Olson said...

Who the hell is Jim Greer?


Modern Day Masters (American Style)....

Scorsese, Spielberg, Coens, PTA, Tarantino, Fincher...

Every list is an opinion. To me, a master director is somebody that makes me go to the theatre to see their pictures.

If I knew any of the above had a movie coming out, which all four do, I would be there within the first week if possible.

There are more than just on this list too, but it's late and I'm trying to include people who are not just alive and previously a master, but working directors, still popping out great films every few years.

I've liked every Soderbergh film I've seen. Even the misses like THE GOOD GERMAN. But I have never revisited his films like I would from a director above.

Fox said...

Rick Olson-

Apparently you hate rock n' roll!

Evil Clown & Joseph-

I don't know what constitutes a master. I guess it's in the eye of the beholder, like Joseph said.

It's a good question. It's kinda like that feeling of "I don't know how to define it, but I know it when I see it." And I don't see it when I look at Soderbergh.

EVIL CLOWN said...

So Soderbergh is a bit like porn.

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