Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I'm already sold on seeing Hollywood's remake of Ji-Woon Kim's A Tale of Two Sisters (which is being retitled The Uninvited for some unknown reason, not to mention that there is already another Korean horror film called The Uninvited, but I have already mentioned that before, so...), so whether or not the trailers and posters suck for this film isn't really gonna phase me.

Having said that, the poster SUCKS! :

1. What's with the lowercase Ring 2 inspired font. I hate that.

2. Faceless evil contrasted by bled-dry white is soooo tired.

3. In the bottom right corner it says January. Yikes. That means "dump movie".


4. The original poster for A Tale Of Two Sisters was already a good one:


The rolling momentum of Let The Right One In continues to build as posters have been released for its limited Oct./Nov. release:

Oh yeah... and a Hollywood remake of Let The Right One In is already in the works. Things happen fast these days.


elgringo said...

I CAN'T WAIT for Let the Right One In.

Also, that Two Sisters poster has intrigued me for years, never watched it though.

Fox said...

Ew ew ew! Definitely watch Two Sisters. I really dig it. I need to revisit it with the remake coming up, but if I remember, the poster makes it seem more dasterdly than it is. Like many asian horror films, there is a sweet center to the film that tugged at my heart. By I shall so no more in fear of overhyping it...

Karl Hungus said...

A Tale Of Two Sisters is one of my favourite horror films ever, and judging by the track record that Hollywood has of remaking Asian films, I feel bad for anyone who sees the remake over the original. I'm really dreading it.

As anyone who's been looking at my blog lately will know, I'm heavily anticipating Let The Right One In.

There's a new trailer for it now:

Fox said...

There is an interesting featurette on the The Grudge 2 dvd that kind of pits the producers/makers of Japanese horror against the producers of the U.S. version of both Grudges. It's very telling of the difference in how both sides approach "scaring" people or "leading" audiences down a path etc. I don't think Sam Raimi was so involved with blocking Shimizu in having artistic control, but some of the other U.S. producers seemed to really control him.

Regardless, The Grudge 2 - if you can believe it or not - is one of the best U.S. remakes of an Asian horror film that I've seen. I hated the first remake of The Grudge, so go figure, but the second one had a tone and style to it that I felt worked.

But you're right about the very poor track record, Karl. Still, that doesn't stop me from seeing them. One Missed Call, The Grudge(s), The Ring(s), Shutter, etc. I just can't help myself.

Evan Derrick said...

I've always wondered about Tale of Two Sisters - it always caught my eye when I walked through Blockbuster (you know, back when I did that sort of thing). So it's good then? I should take time out of my busy schedule to watch it? Tell me what to do! TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

Fox said...

Yes, yes Evan! Mos def!

On the downside, when I was at the movies tonight, I saw the trailer for The Uninvited and uh.... yeah, it looks REAL bad.


I guess in hindsight it is a positive that they changed the title b/c now people won't associate a poor January dump film with a quality Korean flick.

p.s. Let me know what you think once you see it. I too need to revisit before taking in The Uninvited.

Karl Hungus said...

It's not just the track record that has me dreading this. It's the fact that the trailer indicates they've added a new subplot, and steered it away from it's psychological roots, into a more typical Grudge/Ring clone.

It just seems like they're remaking films, and in the process, bleeding out everything that made them unique, leaving a homogenized and uniform product.

Fox said...

True Karl. I'm glad you said that, b/c when I was watching the trailer I was thinking that it looked noticeable different from the original source material. But it had been so long since I had seen A Tale Of Two Sisters, that I was unsure.