Thursday, October 16, 2008


Three years after its completion, Abel Ferrara's Mary is finally getting a very limited release this weekend.

Ferrara is one of my favorite directors. He takes the ugly and molds it into passionate & personal filmmaking. He gives "nasty art" a purpose, unlike so many of the current boho nihilists.

Even in the days of Driller Killer Ferrara seemed to be on the edge of death, yet twenty-nine years later he's surviving.

Not just in art, but in education, spirit, and philosophy, Abel Ferrara is a true independent.

I love people like him.

(From MCNBlogs)


Soiled Sinema said...

Write a post about how completely unrelated Anne Hathaway is and how hot she is.

Watching Get Smart.

J.D. said...

Mary's finally getting released?!


Fox said...

Soiled -

Either you were commenting from your dreams, or that was way over my head!

I'll give Hathaway credit for going from unattractive, to kind of almost there. The first time she looked like a woman to me was in the Get Smart trailers. I'm excited to see her in the new Demme movie, though.


Unfortuneately, I think we're out of luck unless we live in NYC. We'll probably be DVDing it. Hopefully that won't take an additional 3 years!

bill r. said...

Abel Ferrara has made two movies that I've liked: Bad Lieutenant and The Funeral. You can keep everything else. Also, I think he's kind of a dick.

Fox said...

Bill -

He def is kind of a dick. Sometimes I like dicks (run with it, somebody!).

I hold China Girl, The Addiction, Dangerous Game, and The Blackout close to my heart. I like Bad Lietenant, Ms. 45, Body Snatchers, and R' XMas. The others I have mixed emotions on.

After your Horror book-themed month at TKOFYS is over, let's have an Abel Ferrara month! Thanks for offering up your site as the host. You're awesome, Bill!

Megan said...

I don't know much about him. But I am woefully undereducated. Another project!

bill r. said...

Ha ha! Fox likes dicks! Sorry, that's all I could come up with.

Dangerous Game...I will restrain myself from giving my genuine opinion of that one. I didn't care for it.

But you're right, now that I think about it, The Addiction wasn't half bad. Or so I seem to remember thinking at the time. I've never seen China Girl, R'Xmas or Ms. 45, however, and I barely remember anything about The Blackout.

Fox said...

Megan, tread carefully... I don't want you to hate me if your encounters with his movies go bad!!

Like Bill hinted at by "restraining" his feelings about Dangerous Game, some people don't respond positively to his stuff. And it's totally understandable too. As much as I love Ferrara, I can understand why some people think he's a pig (not saying Bill thinks that...).

In fact, my wife is the sweetest little thing in the world, but if you told her y'all were about to watch The Addiction together she might eat your face off with rage!

Oh and Bill, I love China Girl, but the only copy I can ever find is on VHS. I'm scared it might vanish into videotape hell. :(

p.s. Early reviews for Mary have not been good.


I love this guy. His voice is so wonderful. He should do character acting.

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