Tuesday, October 28, 2008


While some of us were hoping Peter Jackson would take the $500 quadrillion he made from the Lord of the Rings decade and funnel it into some radical special effects splatter-comedy fare, he ended up getting distracted by a CGI gorilla and apparently just can't quit those damned Hobbits!

Coming off of a Spider Man decade, some of the same fan desires were placed at the feet of Sam Raimi. And while it looks like he might be going back to Spider Man for at least a fourth time, he was able to sneak in something called Drag Me To Hell.

I'm excited, and I'm glad they ended up with Alison Lohman in the lead instead of Ellen Page. Nothing against Page, but I like Lohman better. Oh, and Sage Stallone is in it!

Here's the plot as described by Worstpreviews :

In "Drag Me to Hell," an unsuspecting young woman (Lohman) becomes the recipient of a supernatural curse cast upon her by an older Eastern European woman who was defied and humiliated by others.

Lohman plays a loan officer who won't give one to an old lady (Lorna Raver) and gets hexed for her heartlessness.

Kind of a fitting plot for our current credit crisis, huh? But can you blame Lohman? I wouldn't give a loan to a woman that looked like that. I mean look at her grill! If she can't take care of her teeth then she sure as hell ain't paying back a loan.


Evan Derrick said...

Dash that hope, Fox. This looks not-good. I get a very late-career John Carpenter vibe from this, and will be surprised if Raimi can duplicate his earlier horror successes. Besides, his greatest horror achievements weren't strict horror, but comic-horror (or whatever one calls that sub-genre). Army of Darkness isn't scary so much as it's friggin' hilarious. I'm trying to remember - does he have any straight up horror under his belt?

Fox said...

True. I do gravitate toward comic-horror or fun horror b/c I don't get scared by horror films. I like them when they are visually (meaning effects or camera work) titillating or playful like the Evil Deads were.

As for late period John Carpenter... dude, I LOVE Vampires. I know many people don't, but I'm on board!

Evan Derrick said...

Ok, ok, let's go ahead and assume that In the Mouth of Madness was his last legitimately decent film (you can love Vampires all you want, but that doesn't make it 'good' and you know it). Are you going to stick up for Village of the Damned and Ghosts of Mars as well? (horrors, I can't believe I actually paid money to see Ghosts in the theater) Not to mention Escape from L.A. There might be a certain guilty pleasure aspect to his most recent films, but they don't hold a candle to his earlier work. Do you really want Vampires level quality from Sam Raimi?

I call you on your bluff, sir!

Fox said...

Ahhh.... Ghost Of Mars! I can't stick up for it b/c it's been to long since I've seen it, but doesn't it have an awesome head explosion seen with Pam Grier?
Haven't seen Village of the Damned.

But Vampires. I dug the sleazy, over-the-top misogyny of James Woods' vampire hunter. And Daniel Baldwin is awesoem too! It's a very fine b-movie and you know it!

But I expect more than that from Raimi. I think Evil Dead & Evil Dead 2 are artfully spectacular.

elgringo said...

Here's how this decade looks to me:

2002: Spider-Man (Audiences are pumped, excited, wowed, begging for more.)

2004: Spider-Man 2 (Doc Oc? Hell yes!)

2007: Spider-Man 3 (Ummm...check please. We're done.)

2009: Drag Me to Hell (Horror movies are fun again. Audiences are begging for more!)

2011: Spider-Man 4 (Ah man, another Spider-Man. Who's the villain? Vulture? An old guy with no powers and a wing-pack?)

2013: Spider-Man 5 (Stop it. Spider-Man is NOT the next James Bond. He just isn't. Enough is enough.)

Fox said...

I think there is another Raimi Evil Dead remake in there too. Which... I mean, usually I would frown upon, but I gotta admit I will be first in line on opening night to see it.

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