Thursday, September 18, 2008


My brain is already pretty wonky, but it will likely get wonkier over the next seven days.

Tonight begins Fantastic Fest , which means I will pretty much be living at the Alamo Drafthouse for the next week, eating the same food, and peeing next to the same people, day after day. (This is especially awkward when, on the third or fourth day, people start recognizing each other and feel that they are then in the clear to discuss movies while their pants are unzipped.)

In the meantime, it's doubtful that I will be bringing any new reviews on future classics like Lakeview Terrace or The Women 2.0 or giving light commentary on Diablo Cody vs. The Haters , but I will be bringing as many festival updates as possible so please return daily! I also hope to take my camera so I can post some freaky things for ya!


**BTW... if you do want some takes on Lakeview Terrace go here, here, & here. They all think Neil LaBute is just the best!


Evan Derrick said...

Dude, you live in Austin? I've wanted to go to the Drafthouse for eons. The only problem is that Tulsa is just a tad bit too far away for a day trip.

One of these days I'll make it down there. You can buy me a beer.

Bob Turnbull said...

Oh man, I'm hugely jealous. Though Toronto has its own great genre fest (Toronto After Dark - coming up at end of October), you get to see this stuff in Austin - at the Drafthouse! TAD will also be getting Tokyo Gore Police, Repo! The Genetic Opera and Let The Right One In (only 8 of the 16 titles have been announced so far).

I saw Chocolate at the Toronto International Filmfest - if you like martial arts set pieces, this should do the trick for you. The story is kinda "Meh" (though better than it could have been), but the 5 or 6 major set pieces are terrific. Jee-Ja Yanin kicks freaking ass.

I saw "Sauna" as well which I also quite liked, though it's completely different. Slow, creepy and very dark.

I've heard amazing things about JCVD from friends who saw it. One buddy said Jean-Claude made him cry...

So what's your schedule? C'mon man, let us live vicariously through you!

Fox said...


If you ever end up going, be careful which one you go to. They have franchised some out into Houston and San Antonio and into the Valley of Texas, and they just aren't the same. There is even one in North Austin that is kind of "eh". But the three Alamo's in Central Austin are amazing. The one I will be at has the best projection I've ever seen in a big theater. The management are geeks so they know what to pay attention to.

But yeah, you could totally make a weekend out of it. They have events here all of the time that are totally worth the trip. Just check out their site. For instance they are having a Saturday Morning cereal party in a few weeks. It sounds awesome... but beer would probably taste weird with Fruity Pebbles.

Fox said...


That festival sounds very similar to FF. I bet the programmers for both keep in contact with each other.

And dude, thanks for the heads up on Chocolate, Sauna, and JCVD! It's kind of hard right now to decide on which ones to go for. It's inevitable that I'm gonna miss something. I really wanna see JCVD.

My schedule is up in the air at this point... but this is my tentative plan for tonight:

Late Bloomer

How To Get Rid of the Others


Art of the Devil 3

...yeah, I'm a little worried about this one

Evan Derrick said...

Oh no, it doesn't taste weird at all...wait, I mean, uh... dude that's totally gross!!!!!

Rick Olson said...

Neil LaBute Rocks! (at least I think he does ... I've never seen one of his films, and have no intention of seeing this one).

But, come on over anyway, put up your feet, I'll write a review. It'll be just as accurate as all my others.

elgringo said...

The Alamo Drafthouse is the number one place in the world that I want to visit. The number one. You lucky bastard.

Fox said...

I never knew the Drafthouse was so well known around the country! I guess when you are so close to something you don't really appreciate what you have.

... kinda like when I broke up with Kate Beckinsale after I saw Underworld. In hindsight, I probably overreacted.

Jason Bellamy said...

Great headline.

Have fun!

Kruselvgu said...

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