Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Movie news, rumor, and picture hub Worstpreviews.com put up an odd story yesterday:

"Mark Ruffalo Cannot Afford To Send His Kids to College"

Er, what?

The site said they got this piece of information from an interview with Ruffalo at the Toronto Film Festival. However, I don't know how they infer that from the quotes they posted.

"If I can make a living to support a family of three in Los Angeles, I will probably be doing a lot more theater," said Ruffalo. "It's my deep love."

He continued: "Right now I am just doing films, and like I said, I got to get these kids to college and it's expensive." (Worstpreviews.com)

Um, all he's saying is that college is expensive and that he makes more money doing films so that's what he's doing right now.

Since 2004, Ruffalo gave at least $11,000 in political donations. That doesn't sound like someone who is hurting to save money. Further, this is the same Ruffalo that said, "We're actors, man; we get paid way too much. It's like 'Wah, wah, wah' to me to hear an actor bitching and moaning when they get paid as much as they do and we have a pretty great life." (Defamer)

So, I've got myself scratching my head over what Worstpreviews is really on about here. Are they taking a tongue-in-cheek shot at Ruffalo? Did they just go National Enquirer overnight?? Are they trying to make an Election '08 statement about the cost of higher education???


Fletch said...

Here's what I think happened. They did an interview with him, then the editor read over it, said "This is boring. We need an angle...bad." and went with the bit of exaggeration, playing on the "poor celebrities" angle to make it pop.

It's just lazy journalism.

elgringo said...

Yeah, I smell lazy journalism as well.
Clearly, nothing in the interview sounds like "I can't afford anything..."