Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Among the many movies playing at Fantastic Fest, there are some very geeky things to buy. I really want two of these things:

I want this...

That's right. A t-shirt decal of Brian De Palma's name in the form of the Def Leppard logo. I want it on a shirt, and I want it now. I want to wear it every day.

And I also want this...

In sweet hardback edition. It's thick and dense like your 10th grade U.S. History book. Lovely. And even lovelier when you can touch it live in its tangible state. It weighs heavy in your hands like a bag of gold.

***So, please send money to TRACTOR FACTS so I can buy these. You can get my address by sending me an e-mail. Thank you.***

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