Monday, September 01, 2008


If you haven't been to the supreme blog that is Kindertrauma, then you haven't fully experienced the internet.

It's true that they've posted a "traumafession" of mine today, and that I would like you to go read it, but that has no impact on the love I've had for Uncle Lancifer and Aunt John for quite some time. Frankly, they are among my short list of Blogosphere Heroes.

So sure. Go there now to read how Pete's Dragon messed me up, but more importantly, go to Kindertrauma every day... you will be on the road to self-acceptance because of it.

p.s. That brilliant photo up top is the work of Kindertrauma, not I.


Adam Ross said...

Pete's Dragon IS scary. I had a different kind of fear from this movie. When I was 3, I was convinced Pete's Dragon lived outside our house at night, and when I would sneak out of my room at night I swear I could see him staring at me from outside the windows. Be glad you're not me.

kindertrauma said...

Thanks for them kind words, right back at ya! We always love to hear from you and your traumafession is supremo!-UNK

Fox said...

You know, you would think Puff the Magic Dragon would be way more trippy and messed up since he was born from the LSD days, but years later it is Pete's Dragon that is the psychedelic one. In fact, his dopey look could be a message to all users that haven't quite become burnouts.

elgringo said...

Kindertrauma is amazing. Rob from Natsukashi turned me on to them. So rad.

elgringo said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Pete's Dragon is awesome and a bit scary. It's odd that the scary element of the movie isn't the gigantic dragon, it's those awful humans thrown together in that awesome collage. Good work, Kindertrauma.

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