Thursday, August 07, 2008


I know I've been hard on the Alexander Aja/Kiefer Sutherland project Mirrors since I'd first caught whispers of it. If there's anyone taking some severe anti-Aja baggage into its release next week, it's me.

But I think I am being objective when I wonder why the posters for this film ended up so badly:

Ok. Alright. We get that the movie is called Mirrors, and that mirrors reflect, but if the filmmakers were determined to run with that type of marketing, why not make something more creative: like a poster that you have to hold up to a mirror to read??

But mostly, the designs are just tacky. Enlarge the first poster and the actors appear to be really poorly photoshopped. And with the bottom poster... I know they're just trying to keep it symmetrical, but putting Kiefer's head in between his first and last name just looks amateurish.

Lastly, I wanted get off a preemptive "keep your eye out for..." about next week's Mirrors reviews. So, keep an eye out for the classic critic device of, "... does for mirrors what Jaws did for the beach!" or "... does for mirrors what Nightmare on Elm Street did for sleeping!" or "... does for mirrors what Psycho did for taking a shower!". You get the idea.


Farzan said...

nice review, The movie looked somewhat interesting from the trailers.

Fox said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I will admit to having enough pre-judgments about that it probably sounds like I have. :)

Ralf said...

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