Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yeah right! Y'all keep on wishing... it's just an interview. Anna isn't that type of girl. I love her cuz she's funny not cuz she's a cutie.

Anyway... there was a possibly disturbing piece of gossip that came out today about Anna being "forced" to go nude in The House Bunny:

Scary Movie star Anna Faris was forced to break her no nudity clause for new film House Bunny after a series of "complicating factors" with a body double forced her to bare all. Faris made sure that her naked form was captured only from behind, but still calls the experience "humiliating".

She says, "It was my first nude scene and it wasn’t supposed to be me. I had a body double and we had some complicating factors with her. It was sort of a last minute thing, where I said, ‘I’ll just go ahead and do this.’ I was really uncomfortable. This crew that I’d been working with, that knows me when I put on my producer hat, suddenly sees me naked. It was really humiliating." (ContactMusic)


The source for that little bit of info is ContactMusic (ie a TMZ.com-type gossip site with a "take us serious" web design as their facade), so I would be wary to believe that Faris was "forced" into doing a bare butt scene.

Since The House Bunny is pretty much her baby (she pitched the idea; she produced it) I find it hard to believe that Faris had to do something against her will.

We'll see if the story has any legs... and even if it does, go support Anna and her new movie this Friday.


Rick Olson said...

I know, let's get a bunch of friends, have a few pink martinis and go. Oh ... wrong post.

Did you bold the forced in the quote or did ContactMusic?

bill r. said...

I hope she wasn't forced to do that, because if so I won't be able to enjoy it.

WaywardJam said...

I love her cuz she's funny AND she's a cutie. Why can't we enjoy both?

She probably didn't want to do the nude scene, but given it was her money and rep on the line, she may have had to just get the scene done to save time, money, etc. It'd be a tough call to make. For all we know, the complicating factor may have been that the double's ass was not Faris bum cute.

Fox said...

Rick - yes, I bolded it. I wanted to bring significance to CMs choice of words,... but I guess shoulda said that before hand! Geez, what are you, a lawyer or something???

Bill - I kinda feel the same way. It would creep me out if I thought she was "forced". However, this site reports it differently and makes it seem more like it was her own choice. I think we're in the clear...

Wayward - I like her cuz she's cute too, but my wife sometimes reads my blog when she gets totally bored, so I was trying to ... you know ... give myself enough rope.

WaywardJam said...

A wise man you are. I frequently get the wifey stink eye for my colorful commentary.

J.D. said...

She is the greatest female comic actor of our (my) time.

Just sayin'.

Fox said...

Hey... you posted that comment at exactly "4:20". Is that a hidden reference to Anna's movie Smiley Face?

J.D. said...

Maybe... ;)

GOD, she's so brilliant in that movie.