Thursday, August 14, 2008


'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' Bumped to Summer 2009

Thank GOD! A year without another goddamn Harry Potter movie is a year worth remembering.

(As I say that, the Twilight dorks are already lining up for the beginning of their own book-series-turned-into-a-movie-a-year phenomenon. Thanks a lot, Peter Jackson...)


Rick Olson said...

So, I take it you don't like Harry Potter? What are you ... some kind of commie?

Slayton said...

OMG, you like Linda Linda Linda! I've seen it three times, and it is in my Top 10 list right now. It is SUCH a gem, and Du-Na Bae is fantastic - watch her in 'Take Care of My Cat' if you haven't seen it already.

Mandy said...

Well, I for one am sad... I love a little Christmastime Harry Potter. Plus, this book was awesome, so I can't wait to see how they ruin it for the movie.

As much as I'm CAN'T FREAKING WAIT excited about the Twilight movie, I kinda hope they don't make the rest of them into movies. At least Harry Potter ages, and they can use the same actors.

Fox said...

Rick, shhhhhh.... I can't afford to lose this gig!

Slayton, I love Linda Linda Linda! I try to push it on people whenever I can. It's a Japanese teen movie with the ghost of Altman lurking around it. And Du-Na Bae is just adorable. I love her too. I didn't care for The Host, but I thought she was great in it. I will check out Take Care of My Cat ASAP. BTW, have you seen anything else by the director of Linda Linda Linda? He's done a handful of other films but none of them seem to be available.

Mandy, I feel ya. My anti-Potter moods are totally selfish, based in nothing concrete b/c I've never read a book or seen a movie. I just get cranky sometimes. :) And the Twilight dig was kind of intended as a little wink at you and Kat. I will totally be seeing it b/c I like Kristen Stewart a bunch!

Mandy said...

I figured as much.

Plus, I know you're secretly into sparkly vampires.

Fox said...

Not sparkly, but still adorable!

Jonathan Lapper said...

You've never seen a Harry Potter movie? How did you manage to avoid them? You don't have kids do you?

They're not bad, it's just that they roll off your back microseconds after leaving the theater. Oh, and every movie has the same exact structure, same setups, same "payoffs", etc. For kids I suppose they're fun. I enjoy the great British actors doing their roles but for the most part they're fairly empty as far as cinema goes. Unless someone keeps revamping and rereleasing them (ala Star Wars) I imagined they'll be pretty much forgotten in a couple of decades. Of course, one can never discount the power of nostalgia and perhaps this generation of youngsters will keep trudging it out and playing with its corpse like we did with Star Wars, which I now wish had never happened to be honest.

Fox said...

I know. It's weird huh? As much a movie junkie as I am I've never seen an HP film. I guess part of it is that I'm not into wizards and stuff.

And nope, no kids... yet.