Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Who knows where I'll end up after seeing Oliver Stone's much rumored about W. The best compliment I can give the guy - Stone, not the President - is that, maybe more than any other director, he keeps me shifty in my opinions of him and his art.

But for now, I gotta say that that's a pretty kick-ass teaser poster.

Much better than this one:

I thought that one was pretty... I don't know... typical, I guess would be the word. Par for the course easy-target marketing. Bushisms are like so 2003, dude.


Farzan said...

Stone does make interesting movies. He doesnt stick to one genre and kind of switches.

Piper said...

I agree that is a pretty sweet poster.

I wish we would just leave the idiot alone though. As I said on my super fabulous blog titled Lazy Eye Theatre, he's not interesting enough or worth thinking about enough to make a movie about.

Let him fade off into the darkness never to be seen or heard from again.

Can you imagine say 5 years from now when there's something going on in the world. Do you ever think for one minute that a TV station would tap him for an interview to get his opinion or perspective?

Fox said...

Nice plug for you blog Piper! Hilarious. Actually... here is a direct link for it... LAZY EYE THEATER!

Honestly, I think Bush will end up somewhere in baseball again. He seems to be perfectly suited for the sports world.

Plus... he's getting to hang with some of the volleyball hotties right now.