Friday, August 22, 2008


How did Chantal Goya go from this:

To this (?!?):


Ed Howard said...

That's a very sad transition indeed. She was unforgettable in Masculin feminin.

Fox said...


I know. I love her so much in Masculin Feminin. The scene with her Jean Paul Leaud in the bathroom together with the mirror is seared in my brain.

Victor said...

At times, she remains me of Karen. I think it's the dark hair.

I love the trailer for "Masculin Feminin" mostly because they use her song for it.

Fox said...

Dude... you are so right! She does look like Karen! It's something about the down-turned mouth or maybe the nose.

Feliz said...

Seriously, its what people free-willingly decide to do when they think they have better options, and for Chantal, it was making children music. She really likes writing childrens music, if you google her in images, all the pictures in which she smiles come mostly from which its related to her work.

I remember reading that Godard told her "You will never be an artist!" because she was scared of gettin naked in Masculin Feminin.

Tara Hicks said...

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