Monday, July 21, 2008


Awwww yeaaaah!

Crank 2
is gonna be awesome!

Suck it, Christopher Nolan....


Fletch said...

What. The. F8ck?

I thought Crank was set in reality. I haven't seen the first, but that looks just plain stupid.

Fox said...

It's in "reality", but a skewed one.

Give the first one a chance, though. I think it's great.

The directors are industry camera & visual effects guys so there are some pretty crazy shots in it.

You may hate it as much as I love it - it seems to be one of those polarizing movies - but I encourage you to see it.

elgringo said...

What the hell? Oh, you'd better believe that I'm seeing this movie. I don't care what it's a sequel to, who'd directing it, or if the theatre's on fire, I'm seeing this movie.


Yih said...

Wow, that's from Crank??? I thought he just took up the role from Of Mice and Men or something

Fox said...

El G -

Agreed. Based on those shots alone, I am already pumped. It makes me think of the ending of Hot Fuzz when they are fighting in that model-sized version of the town.

Yih -

Ha... Of Mice And Men... I guess he does look a bit like John Malkovich with an ovesized head in that last pic. Oh, and the pics are from Crank 2. Crank 1 doesn't have the weirdo mask thingies.

Lastly, anyone who can get me that Jason Statham mask in time for Halloween will get $2 MILLION dollars from me!

Kat Candler said...

Oh my god, this is crazy exciting!!!

elgringo said...

Yih - That's the funniest thing I've read all day.

Don't worry, Fox, that's still the funniest picture I've seen all week.

Soiled Sinema said...

That looks awesome.
Tell me the story behind this.

Fox said...

Some in the rumor mill think the above stills are from a dream sequence that Chelios (ie Statham) has in Crank 2, but considering the absurdity of the first Crank, it could be anything.

For instance, I read one writer question how there could be a sequel when Chelios dies in the first one, but to me, he clearly lives. It's kind of a dichotomous crap shoot with this franchise.

Soiled Sinema said...

I fucking loved the first film.

WaywardJam said...

I'm stoked for Crank 2. The first was phenomenal.

I was positive he did die in the first, but like any good sequel writer I figure they've written a way around that pesky sticking point.

Anonymous said...

ok so I collect british films b/c I love them, don't ask, I just do, and I have all of Jason's movies and yes I bought Crank 2, which by the way, I still think is over the top b/c NO ONE falls from a plane and lands on a car and lives. I am sorry but all his bones would be shattered. I'm just saying, so if u can get passed that little fact then the movie is just ok. If Jason was not in it as the eye candy and the action man that he is then the movie REALLY would have sucked! This is a movie I will not watch again. I was disapointed. I hope he picks a better movie in the futre to star in and stops playing in bad movies pick movies with better story lines. Please!

Conrad said...

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