Wednesday, July 23, 2008


(see below)


Is that the best Hollywood can do?!?!

George Cukor must be rolling his eyes in his grave.

Check the change in tagline too...

From the 1939 version : It's All About Men!


The 2008 version: It's all about ... The Women

God... does that mean the filmmakers behind this version don't even get the joke behind the original tagline??? Have they even seen the original!?!?
Upon growing frustration, TRACTOR FACTS sent a correspondent out to the home of Meg Ryan to find out if even she had seen the original 1939 version of The Women.

But... before we could reach the door, an angry Ryan came out dropping F-bombs and referring to our blog in a number of unflattering and colorful ways ... "FU*K-TOR FACTS!" ... "TRACTOR FA*S!". [NOTE: We don't condone these offensive terms, we just believe in the public's right to news... you know?]

Anyway... luckily our camera guy kept rolling...

... and captured this:

Later, we found her incoherent and alone and dirty at a bus station:

We offered Ms. Ryan a ride home, but she insisted that she was fine and mumbled that "Russell's comin' to get me...".

As in Russell Crowe?!?

Sheesh... get over it Meg. He doesn't love you anymore. Still... we wished her well, and left a cell phone number if she changed her mind on that ride.


J.D. said...

I wonder what Cukor's rolling corpse has to say about the My Fair Lady remake. Or Melanie Griffith in general.

Fox said...

He would probably have a hard time even telling the difference between Melanie Griffith and Meg Ryan nowadays. :) They have that same botox pout and cocker spaniel'd mane.

As for the My Fair Lady remake, at least Eliza Dolittle is rumored to be played by Keira Knightly, a woman that - to my eyes - seems to contain a bit of that old school Cukor class.

Pat said...

The "My Fair Lady"remake doesn't worry me as much,since Emma Thompson is writing it - I trust her to do something interesting and worthwhile.

But this remake of "The Women" has disaster written all over it. The original was a film very much of its own time - I think a modern-day remake is pretty much doomed to fail.

WaywardJam said...

I've never seen the original "The Women" but no one pictured on that poster can inspire any desire in me to see this film.

Your camera-man is a brave soul.