Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Colin Farrell has been in my dvd player twice in the last three weeks playing almost the exact same character in two average to below average films.

In Woody Allen's underrated but-still-kind-of-not-that-good Cassandra's Dream, he plays a blue collar Londoner that turns suicidal after murdering somebody.

And in the I'm-still-not-that-sure-how-I-feel-about-it-yet In Bruges, Farrell plays a hitman that turns suicidal after killing a praying child.

Average fare... yet I can't get his performances out of my mind...

Because of his alleged tryst with Britney Spears, People magazine good looks, and a sex tape scandal, Farrell was kinda brushed aside early-on as a young model-type that only got acting gigs because of his looks. Perhaps that was the case, but truth is, I've never seen him in a film where I felt his performance was less than excellent (ok, so maybe he's a bit dull in The Recruit):

He's fun in Daredevil and Minority Report...

Great in Phone Booth, The New World, and Ask The Dust...

And makes the material better in In Bruges and Cassandra's Dream...

P.S. When Brendan Gleeson hits the pavement in In Bruges, it shook me up pretty badly. Like BAD. Also, Ralph Fiennes should do more comedy.


Fletch said...

In Bruges average? Now, I think some people are going too far calling it a masterpiece (it's a notch below Grosse Pointe Blank still in my book), but it's a fine film.

I'd also disagree that Farrell was "great" in Phone Booth. That flick was bad, and he was smarmy, to be sure, but not great.

I'm with you on everything else, though. He was the best part about Cassandra's Dream. As I stated (in my review for one of these two movies), I think he's best when sticking to his native accent. When he tries to play American, all his acting ability apparently leaves with his brogue. Or maybe it's just coincidence - who knows?

And yea, Fiennes was hilarious. I can't wait to see Bruges again, mostly for his performance.

Fox said...

I'm undecided on In Bruges at the moment. I thought the first 30 minutes were great, and Gleeson and Farrell were lights out, but the last half trailed for me, and the ending was really not my style.

I don't know man, I though Phone Booth was fun. I know that's weird to say about any Joel Schumacher film but it worked for me.

I'd like to see Farrell do more comedy too. Maybe he has and I haven't seen it, but he cracked me up in this movie. And yeah, Ralph Fiennes... it was just refreshing to see him like that.

elgringo said...

I remember when Ferrell had four movies in theatres at the same time. I think it was Daredevil, Phone Booth, The Recruit, and Minority Report.

I saw three of them and declared him my new favorite actor. I caught The Recuit on DVD and questioned my previous declaration.

Since then, he hasn't done anything that I enjoyed. Maybe he's changed, maybe I've changed.

The trailers for In Bruges looked AWFUL but then I heard that it was just a victim of terrible marketing. Now it's at the top of my Netflix queue and waiting to be sent. We'll see.