Friday, June 27, 2008


Is the above image from...

a) a fashion magazine ad

b) an advert for USA Network's new summer series The Valley


c) from the Open Water meets Wolf Creek UK import hardcore sex thriller Donkey Punch



I hope you kept scrolling down...

Cuz the real answer is c):

Here's the trailer...

Looks like Girls Gone Wild (Violent Sex EDITION).

If one was to go by the trailer, and plot synopsis on IMDB, then one could assume that Donkey Punch is simply a sex romp turned sadistic-thriller once a horny bloke kills a bird after giving her a "donkey punch".

Should they dump the body? Bury her?? Call the police??? Hmmm.... Think Mean Creek for the Ibiza set.

Yep, the rot that was David Fincher's Se7en is still showing its ugly influence on movie culture thirteen years hence.


Fletch said...

That looks pretty dumb.

But what's this about Se7en being rot and having an ugly influence?

Fox said...

I have a theory that all of the sadist-horror and nihilist thrillers of the past decade can be traced back to the success of *Se7en*. Particularly the aesthetics: dark, mildewy cinematography; gruesome shock-murders/deaths; piss colored sets; the hand-of-god righteousness of the villian; ...and much more

Mind you, it's not fleshed out yet, and I'm sure people can punch holes in it, but it's a fun one for me to think about... and I think it has something to it.

Fletch said...

I wouldn't necessarily disagree with that (for another example, just look at how many crappy movies Pulp Fiction spawned) - it just sounded like you were bashing Se7en, which I was ready to defend to the death.

Hey, you can't blame Michelangelo* for every shitty artist out there. People got to copy something, it seems...

* Note: I'm not trying to directly compare Se7en to Michelangelo, but it does look that way, doesn't it?

Fox said...


I DO hate *Se7en*. And while we're unlikely to change each other's minds on it, I would like to hear your thoughts on it.

Why do I hate it?

For it's hopelessness; For the way it makes murder seem cool; the aesthetics of it (i.e. I think it looks terrible).

I think a thriller based around the seven deadly sins is an interesting idea, but what Se7en wants to leave us with is the idea that John Doe's philosophy is profound. It's a terrible moral to take with you from the theater, and as I mentioned above, I think, sadly, it's bled into our film culture as a trend/theme that's worthwile.

On a lesser level, I also think Brad Pitt is really, really bad in the film... but on the plus side, I think Morgan Freeman is really good. He's the only bright spot to me.

WaywardJam said...

I'm going to jump in here. I liked se7en. Partly for Freeman and partly for the dark aesthetics. Depressing and morbid, definitely. I think it's good to have an occasional downer pop up as a cinematic phenom.

That said, Donkey Punch doesn't look to be a phenom. My problem with films like this is that the xters involved are never worthy of your time. This gang of douchebags and apparent sluts make it hard to feel sorry for them and their situation. Ooh, battle to the death on a yacht; a situation I find myself in at least one weekend a month.

The downfall of flicks like this, Turistas, Hostel, Wolf Creek, and so on is where is the sympathy and relatability? If you find that realistic, identifiable character, they get killed first so we're just left to root for the tool.

Fox said...

I agree with ya on the appreciation and need of downers, I just don't roll with scuzziness that well, and Se7en feels scuzzy to me. That, and bitter.

You know, the more I think about Wolf Creek in the context of all of the other sado-horror films this decade, it might be the most despicable to me. The sexed-up barn scene was definitely a low point in '00s mainstream cinema.