Thursday, June 05, 2008


Today, Ofcom - the British version of the FCC - fined MTV Europe $484,500 for offensive programming during prime time hours.

One of the offenses was use of the words "fu*k" and "motherfu*ker" in Aphex Twin's video for "Windowlicker".

"Ofcom concluded that this material was not justified by the context of broadcasts that were likely to appeal to children and that the likely audience would have expected to have been protected from the most offensive language and material in such programming," the regulator said in a statement.

The regulator received 16 complaints about an Aphex Twin video broadcast on TMF at 8.20pm in June 2006 with repeated use of the words "motherfu*ker", "fu*k" and "fu*k you". (Guardian)

Fair enough. I think a low six-figure slap on the wrist for a powerhouse like MTV is pretty reasonable when they decide to drop F-bombs at 8:00 in the evening. (NOTE: Ofcom didn't seem too concerned with repeated use of the word "nigg*r" in the video.)

But I can't help but think... hmmm, parents were complaining about the language when the content of the video is some of the creepiest stuff since, well... Aphex Twin's "Come To Daddy".

Shoot, forget the "F" word, if I saw "Windowlicker" when I was a 7 year old, my sexuality would be all kinds of messed up today (well, it kinda is anyway, but you catch my drift...). Guys (and gals), remember the first time you discovered boobs? It was a special moment, right? Well, imagine if your introduction to them was via THIS:


debbie said...

I can't stop watching this video.
It's mesmerizing.

debbie said...
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Fox said...

I know... I watched it last night a couple of times. I like when the limo Aphex guy dances in the puddles.

I really like the song too.

Have you seen "Come To Daddy" or "Rubber Johnny"? They are both Chris Cunningham videos.

I'm not sure how I feel about him. He's definitely carved out his own style, but...

Victor said...

"Come to Daddy" is still a disturbing video. Did you ever see the video Cunnigham did for the Horrors' "Sheena is a Parasite?" Unfortunately, it doesn't look as good on youtube as it did on tv.

debbie said...

Yeah, i've seen those CC videos. My fave is still the portishead one. I think CC does a great job of conveying a mood. And, his videos are eerily mesmerizing and distinctive. he's got a strong and original point of view. His work is polished. And, he's tapped into a hungry niche market. more power to him. Smart business man.

Fox said...

Victor, I haven't seen the "Sheena..." video but I remember hearing about. Isn't that the one where she dances so hard she turns inside out, or something? I will def look for it tonight.

Debbie, I think the video I like of his the most is "All Is Full Of Love". And I wonder if he ever will direct a feature length film. Like one that plays in theaters.

I was looking at his profile on Wiki and it said that Stanley Kubrick sought him out to work on the early stages of *A.I.*

debbie said...

Supposedly, he has 2 features in the works.