Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I really enjoy the " ... " part in the title to Don't Go In The Woods... Alone. It implies that if you'd just make sure to go in the woods together, then everything would be a-ok. The psycho killer will respect your duo, trio, or quartet, and leave you be.

And, truth be told, the film stays true to that DISCLAIMER: . Every hiker that gets slaughtered in this 80's camp-cum-slasher flick, is by him or herself when it comes. (Most regrettably is a poor man in a wheelchair whose head comes off about as easily as a baseball on a tee - low-budget effects, y'all! - because the poor soul wasn't actually in the woods... he was simply resting on the road adjacent.)

As you can see from the box cover, DGITW...A contains "SCENES OF GRAPHIC VIOLENCE". Nah... not really. If you can stomach the knight dismemberment in Monty Python and The Hold Grail, then you can stomach this. DGITW...A is more comedy than horror. The killer resembles a Vietnam vet that wears what looks like either a rosary or a medieval jock strap on his head.

And what of the tag line? : Everyone has nightmares about the ugliest way to die. We do? Really? Who has nightmares about that? And if this movie is supposed to draw on those varieties of "ugliest ways to die", then why does the killer use only two methods (and primitive at that)?

But DGITW... A has its C-movie charms. Sometimes you need to take in a sweet musical to to cleanse your movie viewing pallet ... sometimes you need the complete opposite.

p.s. The score is awesome. It's psychedelia keyboard squiggle drivel ... like John Carpenter pre-Assault on Precinct 13. However, H. Kinglsey Thurber's (???) score for DGITW... A makes Carpenter look like Debussy in comparison.


Piper said...

My thoughts exactly. So... um... if we stick together we won't die.

A big bad nasty person comes upon a group and says "ooops, wait. My bad. Thought it was just one of you. Sorry. Hope I didn't scare any of you. I'll be on my way now. If one of you steps away to take a pee or something be sure to let me know and I'll come and kill you."

Fox said...

But hey... at least he lives by some kind of code! I mean, even a psycho killer has gotta have a rule book, you know.

And strategically, it's pretty smart... cuz the one time he DOES take on two people, they end up killing him!

Melvyn said...

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