Thursday, May 08, 2008


Remember this unpleasant story from a few years ago?...

A Fort Worth nurse drives home, parks her car in the garage, and goes inside to have sex with her boyfriend.



She left him there for hours until he finally passed. This psychotic woman was sentenced to 50 years in jail.

When I read that a movie was been culled from this incident of inhuman indifference, I was pretty disgusted. But then I read further, and learned that Stuart Gordon was behind the project... well, I took back my pre-judgement.

Stuart Gordan is no moron. Yes, lately, he's made some trash (King Of The Ants) and misfires (Edmond), but he's still the mega-man behind the back-to-back poobahs Re-Animator and From Beyond! The man is not predictable, and his conscience mulling characters could be the perfect fit for a morality-gone-off-the-rails tale. Or... it could suck. We shall see...

One curious aspect of the movie is that Gordon seems to have purposely removed any of the racial context from the story. (The nurse from the true life event was black... Mena Suvari is not.) I don't blame him. My guess is that Gordon wanted to keep focus on the psychology of the situation and not get race mixed up in it. Or... maybe Mena Suvari, with her corn rows, is just supposed to be light-skinned. We shall see...

Here are some stills from the movie... (Stephen Rea plays the homeless man):


Fletch said...

I'm not familiar with any of Gordon's work, and I'm no fan of Suvari's, but I see two good things here: 1) Stephen Rea is awesome, and 2) that's one of the best posters I've seen in a long time. Simply fantastic juxtaposition and perfect execution.

Fox said...

I love Stephen Rea too. For such an ordinary looking man, he sure is a pleasure to watch when he's on screen.

p.s. maybe "ordinary" is the wrong word, cuz his face definitely has character...

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