Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Speak of the devil, and he appears...

One day after poking Xavier Gens in the belly (see below post) over the upcoming release of his scuzz horror film Fronteir(s), a new one sheet for the film popped up:


My boundaries?? Don't really know. But, X, I'm sure you're just the next one up that thinks he's pushing them.

[NOTE: Look for critics to blindly praise and excuse Frontier(s) "brutal truth" as a response to Sarkozy's France.]

On the other hand, the topical teen dramedy Towelhead looks like it could be promising... I think. It's a film I'm anxious to see b/c the plot synopsis alone makes me feel that it's riding that fence between green grass and gravel:

About a 13-year-old arab-American girl (Summer Bishil), shipped from her Caucasian mother (Maria Bello) to her strict and at times physically abusive Lebanese father (Peter Macdissi). It details her sexual awakening, including not entirely consensual acts with a man next door that she baby-sits for (Aaron Eckhart), and a black boyfriend her age (Eugene Jones) who her father is opposed to because he's black. Almost nobody in this film is entirely good or bad lots of shading.

Alan Ball writes and directs, which makes me worry that it could end up being American Beauty 2.0. We shall see.

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