Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Forget, for a second, how unappealing the design for the poster of War, Inc. is ("Hey guys! Let's line some bullets up on the bottom and replace one of them with a roll of cash in order to mock the military industrial complex!! Yeah, yeah... OMG, brilliant!!....oy), and look how horrible those critic quotes are (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

I mean, really!

What is that?!?! Full paragraphs? Imagine squeezing those onto a TV screen for a teaser.

And, btw, nice round-up of critical minds you've got there... Pete Hammond of Box Office Magazine (and formerly of Maxim), Vicky Ward of Vanity Fair (and, really, everything else... but not a filmhead), and Naomi Klein (incoherant commentator and sourpuss anti-capitalist).

If you can't take in the text of a film poster in 15 seconds or less, then it's a failure. Back to the drawing board dudes....


bryan h. said...

I don't agree. I like looking at posters. I think there can be too much or poorly designed text, but I think text can also be designed to be visually pleasing and fun to read. One of my favorite instances of this was in the preview for John Woo's The Killer. Shots and scenes from the film are punctuated by black screens with extended pull quotes read by a narrator. When it's done well, text can be as much a tool to brand or sell a movie as anything else.

At any rate, this is the quasi-sequel to Gross Point Blank that was advertised at least a year ago. I bet it has bigger problems than your objection to its poster.

hobbes said...

"An incendiary political cartoon"?

Whatever, dude.

hobbes said...

this is the quasi-sequel to Gross Point Blank that was advertised at least a year ago.

Whoa! Really? OK, I take it back. I'm sorta incensed by the very idea of that.

Fox said...

Now that I know it's a sorta-sequel to *Gross Point Blank* that makes it a bit more interesting, but yikes... if it's been lingering around for a year???

It's like that Jared Leto Mark David Chapman movie. I thought it was supposed to come out AT LEAST a year ago, and today I see it's still "COMING SOON". And now it's called *Chapter 27* instead of..., whatever it was called a year ago. Dude... release it already!

But nowadays, it seems you might be able to make more of a profit if you go straight-to-video. Especially horror... which reminds me, the *Sisters* and *April Fools Day* remakes just came out on DVD.

RC said...

yea, that poster certainly doesn't scream "a movie for everyone"

or even "a movie for many"

or even "a movie for me"

bryan h. said...

I can't actually vouch for it's relationship to Gross Point Blank, but here's the trailer:


I'm assuming it's a de facto (if not official) sequel because John Cusack is playing another assassin with an existential crisis, Joan Cusack is playing his handler, the preview's satirical tone and because there seems to be some kind of love story. I'm a fan of GPB, but this movie looks like a chore. It'll be out on DVD in the US in July.

Also, it's loosely based on a piece of journalism by Naomi Klein, so a quote from her on the poster seems a little disingenuous (though I admit I did not read her quote on the poster).