Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I don't know what's funnier: the way Uwe Boll can provoke fanboys into fits of anger, or the man himself.
He sent out an e-mail today saying that he's decided to release Postal (which has been done for 2 years now) the same weekend as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Excerpt (it will funnier if you read please in the German accent):

"On the Indiana Jones weekend - May 23 - we will go out and destroy Indiana Jones in the Box Office! We all know that Harrison Ford is older as my grandpa and his time is up - would Michael Moore say!"

"Spielberg gets sloppy. We saw that with War of the Worlds (why the fuck the older brother survived?) and also in parts of Jaws, E.T., Munich etc.! My performance in Postal as 'Nazi Theme Park Owner' outperforms easily Ben Kingsley in Schindler's List!"

Keep it up, my man. You keep me entertained.

I pledge to go support Postal when it comes out, but sorry dude... it's gonna be after I've seen Indy 4.


hobbes said...

My God, what a photograph that is.

Victor said...

There's an article on him in the latest GQ issue.

Fox said...

Is that article online? I guess I could check myself... but I've never looked for GQ online.

He's the kind of nut ball that I can't stop obsessing over.

Hobbes... that photo is a still from *Postal* and the scene is just as stupid (and stoopid!) as it looks. Oh, and the redheaded kid from *A Christmas Story* is the hero in the movie... and you also get to see Dave Foley's package a couple of times too.

Victor said...

Unfortunately, it's not, but I can save the issue if you want.

Linden Arden said...

My favourite Boll moment is on the commentary track for A Dungeon Siege Tale, where he disappears for 20 minutes, eventually returning with a slice of cake and a cappuccino. Apparently it's a daily ritual. If he has anything more than a slice of cake and a cappuccino at lunch time he won't be hungry enough to eat his dinner. I was pretty much sold for life at that point (it's much more endearing the way he says it).

Despite often leaning towards "serious" (quotes) auteur cinema, I'd love to eventually cut loose on some in-depth posts regarding the work of Uwe Boll - which would make sense, given that I pretty much consider Boll to be a serious auteur in his own right. Regardless of what the gamers might say, I think he's an inspiration, and I could probably listen to his opinions on Hollywood and filmmaking all day given half the chance.

He's like Lloyd Kaufman and Andy Kaufman rolled into one.