Wednesday, March 12, 2008


... worth $4300 for a 2 hour session, and the shame of your family? Hell no!

But... she was pretty hot.

p.s. I'm predicting $1.8 million for a book deal.

p.p.s. Will Oprah have her on? Is that too skeezy for Oprah?? Yeah... but she'll definitely have Mrs. Spitzer on sometime soon.


hobbes said...

She looks like a teenager from Jersey, not a $4300/hour prostitute. Um, not that I'd really know.

Fox said...

She's got an 80's biker girl from Brooklyn thang going on... not in those pics, but in others.

And yeah, she's only 22. If Spitzer's been into the hookies for 10 years, well... let's just hope she was a newer client of his.

Did you see what her momma said? "She is a very bright girl who can handle someone like the governor". Ew! What does that even mean?!?

Horatio said...

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