Friday, March 14, 2008


So David Mamet "came out" this week in the Village Voice and said he was no longer a liberal. To me, making a public declaration such as that is as silly as holding a press conference to announce that you're gay, or, if you're Larry Craig, to announce that you're NOT gay. But whatevs... I'm sure it was cathartic for him.

Soon after Mamet's unveiling, theater critics, - as is procedure when any artistic type expresses a conservative viewpoint - started going bonkers... specifically in England where they seem to be really passionate about their stage stories. I guess Shakespere was from there, or something.

Micheal Billington, of The Guardian, wrote a blog entry entitled "David Mamet has swung to the right: how depressing". If the title of the piece didn't make it clear that he was "depressed" over it, Billington gets right to it again in the opening sentence (parentheses mine):

I am depressed to read that David Mamet has swung to the right. In an essay for the Village Voice, Mamet claims he is no longer a "brain-dead liberal" and increasingly espouses a free-market philosophy (GASP! Oh my!) and social conservatism (didn't really see much of that in his article, actually...). As a citizen, Mamet is free to do as he likes (Well, how gracious of you Mr. Billington...). What worries me is the effect on his talent of locking himself into a rigid ideological position (um... pot calling the kettle???). (Guardian)

It gets funnier...

In short, I've always seen Mamet as an inordinately complex writer: one whose apparent tough-guy, Hemingway-esque stance conceals a sensitivity to social and sexual issues (Aye, now that he is conservative this must no longer be true...). But when Mamet talks openly of his admiration for conservatives like Milton Friedman and Paul Johnson, I begin to worry that he may be painting himself into a corner (wow! I never knew that reading the opinions of two free-thinking, accomplished, minds could be so limiting...) Already in his last but one play, Romance, seen here in 2005, there were tell-tale signs of his talent going off the boil. (Ah hah! It's b/c he was going conservative!) And the precedents for a shift to the right on the part of creative artists are not exactly encouraging. (...........)

I can just picture Mr. Billington sitting in front of a makeshift campfire, tonight, scanning all of Mamet's plays for signs that he shoulda seen it coming(!!) then tossing them into the fire in order to cleanse his tainted soul. "Ew!! I can't believe I let a conservative touch me!"


hobbes said...

What worries me is the effect on his talent of locking himself into a rigid ideological position

That is effing hilarious, in a sad, predictable sort of way.

Artists who lock themselves into a rigid ideological position maim their creative talent? Fascinating! Could we apply this statement elsewhere in the creative world? Perhaps that's less interesting.

"Ew!! I can't believe I let a conservative touch me!"

Totally. I love how now "he was going downhill anyway".

Fox said...

Thanks for throwing the correct spelling of the word "maim" in there so I could correct my title! :)

You literary types are my best customers!

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