Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I've blabbed and blogged about my love for "Kates" ... Kate Middleton, Kate Nash, and (Blond) Kate Moss ... but it's time to amend the Kate rule, and allow room for the skinniest vowel to work its way in between the t and the e.


As in Katie Holmes. She's so adorable these days...

But Kate Middleton is still # 1. I gots the crushes so bad on that one that I've actually had dreams about her. And not gross dreams, but dreams where we are watching baseball and looking through used cds together.

And just cuz....

Hey... don't tell me there isn't something psychological going on here, b/c my wife's name is KAT!

Who knows... maybe I was conditioned at an early age... maybe I was voodooed by some girl in junior high... whatever the cause, I'm a lucky man!

p.s. Sophia Bush, Elisha Cuthbert, Anna Faris, Carla Cugino... if (when) you read this, do not feel slighted. Y'all are still in my Top 10, it's just that your parents really screwed up when they named you... sorry.


Victor said...

Oh my god, Carla Gugino is so scrumptious. She might have been the only reason I kept watching "Night at the Museum." Her scenes in "Sin City" are worth 3 stars on Netflix alone.

Fox said...

Dude, remember when Vince gets to bed her in Entourage?!? Plus, she was powerful, and aggressive, which made her hotter.

She's really hot in *Snake Eyes* too.