Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Who is that????

Guess whose hand that is!

Yes, yes... I know ... it does resemble the claw of Hugo Chavez, but you're waaaaay off!

They belong to:

Liev Schreiber! ..... Liev Schreiber??? :(

Settle down... he's not homeless, he's just Sabertooth! Sabertooth: Wolverine's enemy in that X-Men crap stuff.

Here he is, about to let out some mutant pee pee...

And here he is.... hanging with Wolverine!?!? Huh?

HA! That whole "arch enemies" stuff was just a ruse! They've secretly been running a mutant lawn care service together on the side! And I bet they totally hire illegal mutants for cheap labor! BASTARDS!

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