Friday, March 21, 2008


I love tattooed and bruised skanks.

I don't mean that disparagingly. They are liferz. They've lived hard and been scarred. The type that probably put out cigarettes on the chests of their male conquests.

Mostly... mainly... I think, I'm attracted to them out of sympathy.

Take Asia Argento. In my opinion, her dad was a scumbag for casting her in he and his buddies giallo films, and for telling her inappropriate bedtime stories ("The only things her father would read to her at bedtime were his movie scripts" [Swindle] ) .

It may not be true that violent movies corrupt the impressionable mind, but when the parent of that young mind is the creator of Tenebre (stylish as it is in its slashing...) then that makes for a very interesting case study in itself.

Well... in honor of Asia's role in the just released Boarding Gate, the NYT put together a photo essay of her. Here is my own private slide show:

...un amore per sempre, la mia Asia. nel mio cuore siete benvenuti eternally.

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