Sunday, February 03, 2008


After the Berkeley city council voted last week to tell the Marines they were "uninvited and unwelcome intruders" in an effort to have the local recruitment center shut down, Sen. Jim DeMint countered with proposed legislation to remove some Berkeley earmarks off the passed appropriations bill ("The First Amendment gives the City of Berkeley the right to be idiotic, but from now on they should do it with their own money," DeMint said in a statement.)

So then the typical scum bags knew it was their cue to shine - with their orange jumpsuits and hoods - outside the recruitment center. The SF Chronicle said it was a "peaceful" gathering, but I disagree:

Heated words were exchanged whenever people tried to enter or leave the office, but the protest was peaceful.

"You guys are just cannon fodder!"
the chained protesters shouted at three teenage boys who walked past the office and said they wanted to go inside. "They want to train you to kill babies!"

The teenagers turned around and left. (SFChronicle)

Yeah, that sounds real "peaceful"...

... it looked really "peaceful" too!

(Below are images of Marines, and regular people, trying to get into the center. But the scum used force - "peaceful" force, of course - to keep them out.)

And here is some "peaceful" graffiti:


hobbes said...

"They want to train you to kill babies!"

So, our soldiers are baby-killers again? But we have no right to question these people's support of the troops. Or is that PR campaign over now? I am so confused!

Scum is about right. This kind of thing propels me at high speed towards whatever most looks like its opposite.

Fox said...

And I like how the SF Chronicle simply labels them "anti-War protesters". Uh... not quite.

How about pro-Maoist propagandists (and I'm not just name calling here, check out World Can't Wait on Wikipedia). Which makes the orange suited ones look pretty silly, since Maoism killed, hmm... at least 60 million people!!!

But I'm sure that paradox escapes these guys.