Sunday, February 24, 2008


Did I miss it, or did the Academy not acknowledge the death of Brad Renfro during their obituary montage tonight?


Anonymous said...

you are correct.

Kat Candler said...

oh my god, you're totally right. grrr.

ryan said...

Yeah, if you recall, both Tom and I made mention of it at the time. I believe the exact words were, "Wow. No love for the Renfro." Then we had a brief discussion about how since it was such a high-profile death, it must have been totally calculated to leave him out. For whatever reason.

But it was loud in the living room.

Fox said...

haha... that's funny. well, not "funny", but you know. I didn't hear you guys. You'd think we would've been quiet at least during the death march part.

I thought about that too... about the calculated part. Perhaps because his was an ugly death, maybe brought on by the child-actor-in-Hollywood-lifestyle, they thought it would be bad for their image?? I'd like to think not, but I don't know.

I didn't really follow the Heath Ledger story after he died, but wasn't his death also drug related?

ryan said...

Yeah, but it was prescription drugs, which somehow makes it "better." And it was ruled a total accident. Except that he had, like, 10 different drugs in his system. For what that's worth.

It is interesting how the media covered the Renfro versus Ledger deaths, and really it's only b/c of "Brokeback Mountain," I'm pretty sure. If it weren't for how high profile that role was, he would have just been another tragic footnote. Renfro was also a very talented actor, and people seem to forget that, I guess, because he never got that breakout role that made him a household name.

Still, I have no idea why the Oscars would snub him like that. As much I don't care at all about the Oscars, that's really shitty, and it really does kind of bother me, though I have no idea why.