Monday, February 18, 2008


Over at WorstPreviews, they got a video of what could or could not be a Where The Wild Things Are Clip. I'll let them explain:

"I've had a video of what seems to be a clip from Where the Wild Things Are for about two days now and held off from posting it. The reason is because everything about it seems fake. The kid looks nothing like the actor we have seen in the official stills from the movie, the Wild Thing's mouth movements seem to be off and the voice sounds like it was recorded with a cheap microphone.

There have been talks that this might be some test footage, but it could also be a very elaborate prank. Either way, it is very cute, so I'll let you enjoy it and decide for yourself.

And here it is ----------> If you believe this is real, it can be!


debbie said...

this is actually part of the proposal/treatment/pre-visualization that they created to get the financing.

Fox said...

I figured it was something like that.
I think I like it better that way... I can get a sneak peek without really seeing it!

Looks awesome, though, huh? Love the location.