Thursday, February 07, 2008


Two of the worst posters, so far, this year are....

Both are influenced by the "tool" posters that Saw & Hostel made so popular.

But why is wishbaby's pacifier bloody? IMDB says the plot to wishbaby is : "A troubled young black teenager Maxine rescues an eccentric old lady Eve from an unhappy slap by a mixed-race gang of teens and is rewarded for her act of kindness with the gift of a terrible secret: how to make and operate a wishbaby." My guess is that the wishbaby is some kind of voodoo zombie doll that feeds on bloody run-on sentences.

With the Donkey Punch poster, the motor is framed to look like a flopped over, open-mouthed skull, while the bottom/propeller is all bloody. Everyone knows what a donkey punch is, right? Well the poster does it's best to emulate it. And yes, one of those occurs in the movie. And yes, she dies from it. And yes, the movie takes off from there... But no, I haven't seen it yet. Until I do, I'm keeping Teeth as my frontrunner for worst sexified horror film of 2008.


ryan said...

I don't know what a donkey punch is. Seriously. I don't.

Fox said...

This blog is PG-13, so I will have to refer you to Wikipedia or Google.

But don't Google it at a NSFW site b/c it could get you fired... remember when we didn't know what buka*e was and we Googled it at work?!?! OOPS!!

Darrell said...

...feeds on bloody run-on sentences.

Heh heh. I got a laugh out of that.

I didn't know what a "donkey punch" was either, so I Googled it. Now that I know about it, I think I generally liked the world better when I'd never heard of a Donkey Punch. ;)

Fox said...

I think it's a credit to both of you guys that y'all DIDN'T know what a donkey punch was.

In fact let me take this opportunity to absolve myself from any future litigation...

TRACTOR FACTS does not condone nor encourage the act of "donkey punching".

Therefore, in the case that any TRACTOR FACTS reader - heretofore or in the future - practices the act of "donkey punching", we claim no responsibility.

However, if for any reason you find yourself in the throes of passion and feel the urge to DP (not the OTHER DP... that one is fine), we recommend you think of something absent of sexuality like alarm clocks, post offices, or flat tires.

ryan said...

Yeah, that's why I haven't googled it yet. I'm just fine not knowing.

Piper said...

Good Gawd.

What's going to be the name of our film? Hmmmmmm.... wait. Rusty Trombone.... no... wait.... how about Cleveland Steamer.... nah..... wait I got it... Donkey Punch.