Thursday, January 17, 2008


Of all the places Stephin Merritt has searched for love - Paris, London, Tokyo, the lower east side - he may have just found his final heaven in Haiti.
As a bonus, said loverboy is a member of the walking dead! Yes, Merritt can walk him with a collar, dress him in gowns, avoid yucky fluid problems...

"You swivel your hips/as I work the controls/No blood ever drips/when I widen your holes"

and avoid boring conversation...

"You look pretty pure/for so long in the ground/You smell like a sewer/but you don't make a sound"

All of this is dressed up in stuttered melody and a stumbling, walking bassline. As if Merritt penned the tune especially for a legion of voodooed hotties at a monster mash sock hop.

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