Monday, January 14, 2008


Kate Nash is at her best when she's at her most English. Cockney accent hanging off her face, brash Daily Mail gossip-philosophizing, sing-speak storytelling like fellow Brit Mike Skinner. "We Get On" starts with some Fats Domino "Blue Monday" piano blues riffing,... but from that privileged, button nose, cute purse and shoes, perspective.

In fact, "We Get On" could be the anthem for our culture's current squad of young, romping, dignity-be-damned, celebrity women: Amy Winehouse, Lindsey Lohan, Lily Allen, Kate Moss, Mischa Barton. The lyrics could double as one of these nubile night owl's journal entries.
"And my friends were like whatever/You'll find someone better/His eyes were way too close together/And we never even liked him from the start... So I proceeded to get drunk and cry/And lock myself in the toilets/For the entire night/Saturday night I watched channel five/I particularly liked CSI"
It's hard to tell if Nash (or Lily Allen) have the skills for songwriter longevity. What we haven't seen, yet, from these MySpace artists, is the ability to get over that sophomore slump hump.

But heck if she's not a cutie! Just add another Brit chick named "Kate" to the list... Middleton, Moss, Winslet, Nash.

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Victor said...

I sure love me those British girls. I think it's the combination of pale skin, dark hair, and full-figuredness.

She was also on Craig Ferguson the other night and was quite adorable.