Saturday, January 12, 2008


The following is an amateur's attempt at predicting the results of this weekend's 4 NFL playoff games...

BUT, I came in 1st place this year, at work, in picking winners, so I ain't terrible... but I ain't no wunderkind like Bill Simmons neither.

So hear goes...


Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers

Today on sports radio, the Seahawks were getting a lot of last minute support as the trendy upset pick. I don't see it. The aura of Mike Holmgren means nothing to me. I see Green Bay cruising. They'll win be at least 10.


Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots

What should've been the game of the weekend. Then Jacksonville had to play the asterisk game and ruined everything. Hey Jacksonville, did you not see what happened when the Jets and every Brady hater called the Pats "cheaters" after week 1? They won 15 games in a row! Not that New England needed any extra motivation for tomorrows game, but if you have a short memory for what happens to Brady when somebody calls him out, see this year's Pittsburgh game.



San Diego Chargers
@ Indianapolis Colts

Something tells me the Colts are sleeping and are expecting a sloppy, lethargic Chargers team to lay down on Sunday. For that reason - and for the reason that LT jumped 15 feet through the air last Sunday to score against the Titans - I'm calling a Chargers upset in Indy.

WINNER: Chargers
New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

I'm looking forward to this game the most. I'm looking forward to it the most because I hope the Cowboys lose, and thus, "Tony Romo is pu**y whipped" talk floods Dallas radio for the next 9 months! I hate the Cowboys more than any other franchise in sports. I'm a Houston fan, and I've had to deal with the fact that "America's Team" lives just 3 hours north up I-45 (and now I-35) my whole life. (Sigh) Having said that, I still think the Cowboys will win. But I will gladly sacrifice my pick for their misery. GO GIANTS!


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