Monday, January 07, 2008


No, not that one (that = Be Kind Rewind)... the newer new one!

It's called The Return of the Ice Kings, and Gondry is writing it now:

The Return of the Ice Kings, as Gondry describes, is "a story about kids who invent a water that makes you hear music when you drink it." What the heck? Gondry explains where it came from: "I'm into science - in fact, I read more about science and astronomy than about movies. Science is re-questioning itself all the time, and it's still at a stage where anything is possible." And obviously it shows, but I think Gondry can pull it off. However, it goes further than that, check this out: "At one point, they see the end of time in the movie, so, we'll have to shoot it somewhere that looks like the end of time."

New films from Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze and Mike Leigh in 2008! Woo-hoo! Let's hope that this year turns out better than last years sludgefeast.


RC said...

What type of water would you want to listen too?

Justin said...

I love Gondry. His part of Tokyo! is surreal, but humane(and funny as hell). Its like Kafka on film(but, again,funnier).

The Tokyo! DVD drops June 30th (i think). You can pre-order on the website