Friday, January 11, 2008


This is a special story to start your weekend right....

Usually Thai people just eat frogs, but one day a woman and a lil' amphibian struck up a friendship that broke down southeast Asian cultural barriers.

Mrs Bamroongtoi came across Nong Oui outside her house in the Thai province of Roi-Et.

"The frog had a small chick in its mouth. I looked her straight in the eye and knew I could communicate with her. I told her to drop the chick and she did and then came hopping in," she claimed.

"Ever since, she has been a member of the family. For a long time, villagers would come round and get tips on the National Lottery with the frog's help. They used to read her skin.

When Nong Oui isn't on her Harley ("There is nothing she likes more than to chill out on her toy Harley-Davison, or a battery-operated dumpster truck."), her and Mrs. Bamroongtoi go everywhere together. They travel, go to the store, go on walks... they're like Matthew Broderick and that bird in Ladyhawke.

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debbie said...

That's a very cute story.

They kinda look alike, but not in a bad way.